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Default Re: Newby to forum, looking for brackish water set up

Originally Posted by pa dave View Post
If you go with the 8wt and the Okuma reel that fq13 mentions, I'd go up a size. I use an 8/9 on my 8wt rod. I had a 7/8 and it just didn't hold enough backing for my purposes. Too much backing always is better than too little. There was no price difference when I went to the larger reel, either.
Thats what I'm buying when I sell this one. Its a great reel in both sizes. The 7/8 is for bass and snook and seatrout, the 8/9 for larger critters. But regardless of who you buy from I'd look at these and Reddingtons, like their Pursuit. The Battenkill Disc Drags are great too and my preferred reel for SW Fl. inshore fishing. Its just there you're looking at $150 or so used on the auction site, and factoring in rod and line that will put you over budget.

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Originally Posted by dar View Post
For what you are wanting to spend, you should be able to find a good combo outfit. Orvis has their new Encounter series as well as their Clearwater combo that would fit into your budget. And a new rod comes with a warranty. Most warranties are original owner only.

You mentioned that you were looking at Allen. By the way I do not work nor do I represent them. But I just looked on their website and here is what I found.

Compass fly rod $ 99.00
Trout 2 reel $149.00
Fly line $ 59.99

Total $302.99 not including shipping.

Good luck!

That Trout II isn't nearly enough reel. If you want Allen you want an Axis or Kraken. But the most important component is the rod. Spend your biggest money there and then divide the change. You'll catch 50 three pound fish for every fifty pounder, but only if you can can get the fly to them.
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