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Default Re: A Step Further.. What if we stocked Bugs?

Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
Many relevant points have been made here already but I want to go on record with a provocative remark I like to make among fisheries types; "I'm in favor of stocking", I proclaim...then shocked silence and gasps of disbelief..."mayflies."
Yeah, I enjoyed that.

Great conversation. The more I read the more I realize that we will be having this conversation, or one very similar, again down the road, like it or not.

My mind is going in some many directions right now, are tail-waters even ethical? should we be playing god and if we do how far should we go? globalization of the natural world? Maybe its just a form natural selection? managing fisheries one species at a time SMH? but I think they are all new threads for another time.

It all brings me back to the fact, that these are all human impacts, which will result in human responses, and will be guided by people with interests and who have had conversations like these.

Fly Fishermen are the best. Props to the forum.

P.S. I'll never be able to talk people into stocking bugs on my little gem of a river and I do love our little trout.
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