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Default How far "should" I cast?

I'd like to hear from some of the more experienced casters/fly fishers here. I'm working on my casting skills and would like a realistic goal to work towards - one that would simply say I have a good skill set for fly fishing. Again, I'm not looking for bragging rights at the bar, just a realistic target that will tell me I've made it.

Speaking in terms of trout fishing with a 9' 5wt St Croix Legend Elite (fast action rod) and a SA textured GPX line, how far should I want to cast accurately?

I just bought a 9' 8wt TFO BVK (fast action) and a rio Versitip II fly line. I'll be using this for large streamers, steelhead, bass, shad, etc. This question is likely a little more complicated in that I could throw a floating or sinking tip. I've never cast a sink tip line before and don't know if there would be a difference in casting distance over a floating line. How far accurately for both?

I tried to search this question before posting. I did find the forum poll that discusses how far people can cast. The question I am asking is different. Also, the rod and line used were missing from most of the posts in that thread making the information much less usable. If this is a repeat of an old thread, please feel free to post that link.

If it helps you understand where I'm coming from... I'm 50 and have been fly fishing seriously for only two years.



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