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Default Re: How far "should" I cast?

Originally Posted by axle27 View Post
The real answer is to where the fish is.

But, one with some reasonable skill SHOULD be able to cast at least 50 ft. Without double hauling, I can go just shy of 80ft. with a 7wt. I'm not casting expert, and any expers would instantly laugh at my cast. But, putting it where the fish is (or above it for a drift) is more important.

Another part is finding a rod that speaks to your cast. I've done some lawn casting with my boss and we've gone from slower Avid's to fast TFO's and it affects how things happen. I'd find the one rod/line that speaks to you and learn to put it where you want when you want it.

I've owned several St. Croix Avids over time and could never make them work. I finally got a 9ft 5wt and after actually considering what the rod wanted, it's my favorite.
Let me put a little more definition to my question.

A "new" fly fisher who can cast somewhat accurately at a distance of 30 feet (with a 9' 5wt rod) would likely have a good chance at catching a lot of fish. That same person with a 9' 8wt rod would likely cast 40 to 50 feet by virtue of the stronger rod and greater mass of the heavier line.

What should a good "intermediate" level fly caster strive for in terms of accuracy and distance with each rod, keeping in mind that distance will increase with the 8wt being thrown farther than the 5wt?

I do not yet know the double haul, but am working on it. Again, I'm looking for a realistic goal to strive toward.

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