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Default Re: Newby casting dilema

Originally Posted by jaybo41 View Post
Just because your welded loop is gone doesn't mean you can't enjoy the same sort of convenience.

You can do a few things:

1. Tie a nail knot to your fly line and perfection loop to the tag end of the leader material you just tied on.
2. Use a braided loop connector. I know Rio makes them and Cortland used to.
3. You can still make the loop out of the fly line by making a loop at the end of your line and either wrapping it with tying thread then coating it or using some heat shrink tube to hold the line together.

I'm sure there are probably a method or two I've missed but those are three easy ones.

When this line has seen better days and if you have the luxury, use a cheap reel and spool it up to be used as your practice line.

Looks like chased was a little faster at the keyboard than me.
Jaybo, Does practice casting in grass harm your fly line?

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