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Default Re: How far "should" I cast?

Originally Posted by wjc View Post
I don't mind re-posting the same stuff that I think can help over and over again. I've got the link bookmarked and it's no big deal. My comment was for the guys that have seen it numerous times, and may possibly assume that my mind is going. (Not too far-fetched either).

There are lots of ways to learn: reading, listening, watching, by feel, by sound, visualization, pantomiming. etc. I think when you can combine different methods like that link with the simple animations, it can help.

For me, feel is really important while actually casting, so I'm always aware of how much line tension I feel in my line hand. It lets me know how much I can shoot into the backcast as well as when to start the forward cast or when to cut it short. I also have done a lot of fishing in total darkness.

When helping people out with their casting, when they get a good backcast, in particular, I always yell out enthusiastically "you feel that?? that's how you do it!" Their reaction is a good way to help judge if "feel" is one of their methods of learning. And even if not, they may start to pay attention to it once they become aware of it. But I'm rambling.

Anyhow, good luck with the casting and the catching.
Thanks Jim!

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