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Default Re: Joan Wulff Fly Casting Video by Winston

Originally Posted by turbineblade View Post
She is an excellent caster -- great videos. I absolutely cannot muster a decent cast with that elbow in front style -- it makes absolutely no sense to me and feels like the last way I'd ever try to cast a fly rod. Joan's is a very extreme elbow forward cast it looks like too. To me it's like trying to elbow yourself in the ribs while also attempting to swat flies biting your neck with a jump rope. I can force it for very short casts, but nothing more.

I do see that it can be helpful for beginners with the "phone pick up" explanation (hello? it's for you) where the back cast is essentially straight up-and-down and the forward cast is like handing the phone to someone.

I'm very, very happy with my own style but am very interested in how other people cast and the mechanics of it, etc. It's cool to me.

Lefty Kreh (who casts an obvious elbow to the side style) mentioned last year that in his trips to S.A. and experience with fly fishermen there that NO ONE casted with an elbow in front style unless they were taught to do so by a white man . He said they cast a fly rod like they'd throw a spear -- which no one would do with their elbow in front of their forehead.
Interesting comment. It will be interesting to see if anyone more experienced than I will comment?

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