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Default New line doesn't fit reel... how would you proceed?

I bought a DT2F Prestige line from Cabelas on sale to go with my Redington CT 2wt. I had also bought one of those cheap reels from China off of Amazon figuring that I'd probably never need to use the drag on my 2wt set up.

Anyway, the line doesn't quite fit on the reel, even just using a couple of feet of backing so I've got something to tie it to.

I figure I've got a few options:

1) I could cut off about 10 ft from the tail end of the line, effectively ruining the rear taper, but leaving me with a functional 70' line. This line was pretty cheap, so I wouldn't feel too bad about it (might even order a backup).

2) I could cut the line in half, leaving me with two 40-41' lines, figuring that with a 2wt I'll probably never have 40' of line in the air anyway... though it might be cutting it a little close.

3) Just buy another inexpensive reel, maybe an Okuma SLV or whatever I can find used.

4) Switch my 4wt line from my Orvis BBS II to my Teton Tioga, which I'm not currently using. I'd then use the BBS on the 2wt since it's much lighter than the Teton. The problem with this is that my 4wts are the rods I use most, and I really prefer the feel, sound and balance of the BBS with my 4wts (which was why I switched from the Teton in the first place).
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