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Default Re: Vise decision

I started tying with a Renzetti Traveler and have been very happy. I bought an old used one for my son. It shows very definite signs of wear from a LOT of use. It still works as good as my new one. I tie the same size flies and buggers with it and have had no issues.

It's interesting to see that so many folks here use a Peak. I always thought Renzetti was a step up from Peak. Maybe I'm wrong?

While I haven't looked into Peak, I would recommend you check the Renzetti and Peak websites to see if you can get the appropriate replacement parts and optional attachments before deciding. Everyone ties their own way. Make sure you will be able to do what you want with the vise now and in the future.


PS: How do we talk our bosses into giving us Cabelas gift cards? What's your secret???

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