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Default Re: Winston: anyone recognise this model?

Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
I came across an 8 1/2'/#6 2 pc., spigot ferruled Winston the other day that I haven't seen like forever. It has a down locking, walnut spacer reel seat and no name/model designation other than Winston and the length line size and weight on it. It likely is one of the J.Kennedy Fisher, Morgan/Brackett Winstons.

Other than the green, you would not believe how different it looks compared to the current rods. The stripping guide is of the "Carbaloy" type not ceramic and the thread wraps are tiny, just barely covering the guide feet. Most impressively the finish on the wraps is so thin and uniform unlike todays unsightly globs and not a bit of finish overlaps onto the blank; true hand-built craftsmanship. I did put it together and gave it a shake and remembered really liking it around the early 80's. But it's too cold to go out and cast it nor has it gotten any quicker in its recovery but it did strike me that one of the new 1/2 heavy #5 lines would be worth rigging on this rod. I unearthed a 9'/#4 2 pc. SP too. They are both in fine shape and made me think of the recent "Do Rods Become Obsolete" thread. Now I'm thinking maybe, yes.
I still think those old 8 1/2 foot WT's are great rods on smaller water like the Holy Water on the Ausable. I suspect if I could only have one only to trout fish MI it would be an 8 1/2 WT 5 weight to this day. And if you had all three (4-5-6) you could cover everything.
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