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Default Re: The rebellious switch rod

Just like Tyler, I didn't take a casting course for my 1 hand and switch. You CAN learn this by yourself. If you are talking to an instructor he/she will lead you into taking a course, that is OK and legit. But watching good videos from good instructors can help you to achieve all the good things in spey/switch casting too. You tube and vimeo (better videos) are my best friends, and I can watch a footage over and over again and take mental notes for then apply it when I practice.
I am also a beginner and still learning, I have a 10'6" 5/6 weight switch rod, it has a balance setup now and it makes casting easier. I am 100% fishing in clear stillwater lakes in the high mountains, I don't go to a river, the heck I don't even know if there is a river close by. Me and my setup like the sustain anchor casts, the single spey/switch cast isn't that bad either if I can just stick to the 180 and the single spey anchoring principle so I won't hit my running line or my rod with the fly.

It is easier to abandon what you already have and go with the other ones like a better rods or longer rods. I recently done some rods sampling and found out that the sample rods were much better in casting with and without the right line. But I'll stick with the one I have. It is a great switch rod and have good reviews from better and more experience casters.

My switch rod was a rebellious one also I until I gave it what it deserves (time, time and a sweet fly line) and now it is my lap dog.
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