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Default Re: The Sexyloops Mobile App flycasting instruction

I just downloaded this app the other day. I've been fly fishing on and off since 2005 but here in the last year and a half decided I want to pursue it almost exclusively. The fact that I bought a vise really helped this transition. Tying flies is as addictive to me as fishing. With as much material as I've purchased I have to commit to fishing...

That said I've always been a serviceable cast at best. I mainly fish for smallies and on small streams I could tear them up and make what I considered accurate casts. I started chasing the smallies on larger rivers and found out I'm not as good of a caster as I thought.

I've watched the Orvis videos and read books on casting, etc. but I still didn't fully understand some of the concepts such as double haul and roll cast. I've seen other people haul but they had trouble describing what they were doing and I had trouble figuring out the timing, etc. I actually haven't even casted since I bought the app, but now I clearly see what I've been doing wrong.

Hopefully I can put in some good practice and really get it down.

Great app and worth the purchase.
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