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Default Re: The Sexyloops Mobile App flycasting instruction

Sexyloops changed me from a rank beginner to an intermediate caster in roughly 30minutes.

I started fly fishing in about 1970 and I always struggled with it but loved chasing gills with poppers but had a real hankering to take the long rod to the salt. Read lots of books and tied salty flies for the time I would be able to hit the briney. I tried many times to double haul but it just never came to me. Living in east central Indiana fly fishing and casting resources were non-existant. About 10 years ago I lucked onto sexyloops web site and I quickly learned to double haul in the backyard and was casting my 5wt upwards of 70' with little problem. I can now cast my 9wt over 100' when I make a good cast and 90' is fairly easy. This is with only a moderate breeze but it is far better than I used to be able to cast. I don't consider myself a good caster and I still mess up casts and still get some wind knots but Sexyloops was my savior and I have personally thanked the man. I would recommend the instruction vids there to anyone and have done so on several occasions.
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