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Originally Posted by williamhj View Post
If I found the right park, it looks like it is set up to be a put and take fishery. According to this they stock it every night.

Bennett is really a family park. There's a pool and playground, a good rustic lodge-style restaurant, visitors center/museum, hatchery open for tours/feed the trout, etc.

There's also the Niangua River right there and you can access that at the park boundary or at several nearby points. It's also floatable. Worth doing, especially if you want to get away from the people.

The classic trout water (runs, riffles, etc.) is actually designated for bait fishing. A lot of the stream is accessbile from the bank and that's good for kids with worms. Again, I think that's the family emphasis. The other parts of the stream have to be waded, and the flyfishers can mange that easily enough.

If you do an opener, what I gather is people do it for the same reasons you might attend a family reunion or a class reunion. Fishing's only part of the experience. The time to fish it for that "solitude" and "A River Runs Through It" experience is the winter catch and release. Very few people.

I love Bennett Springs myself. Normally, it's nothing like that, even on summer weekends (though there are numbers of people).

The last several times I've been down there, I've said the Mass for the Catholics. The local church has a shelter house they use as a chapel during summer weekends. It's actually kind of a fun Mass to do as a priest. It's easy to preach when you have all that natural beauty and opportunity to rest in creation. I'll get up super early and sit in my chair around the campfire drinking coffee and looking over the scriptures by lantern light, drink coffee, and then go fish. Quite literally, come Mass time, it's get out of the water, case the rod, slip the waders off, and head for Mass. Inevitably, the congregation is retirees, boy scout troops who are fishing and canoing, and other obvious tourists.

As far as I'm concerned Bennett Spring is a hint of our final destiny.

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Originally Posted by jr2525 View Post
Anytime that anyone in the group is going to be in the Lebanon, MO area through the week, let me know. I'd love to meet some of you and cast a line or 2.

I'll keep you in mind. I typically hit the park in late July/ Early August. Not sure if I can this year as yet, but very possible.

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