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Default Re: Help Me Support a Fellow Member

I hope everyone's weekend is going well. Mine is full of ice and nasty weather, with lots of thoughts about spring, green grass, and liquid water....

I wanted to give this page a bump today. I spoke with Jerry earlier and found out that one of his students is not doing very well.... Not well at all. As a result of this, Jerry is running his own "Make-A-Wish" program by selling flies to finance her dream of visiting the Catskills and being immersed in the area's rich fly fishing heritage for a couple of days.

There has been a lot of great support for this thread from several members here. I want to thank each and every one of those men and at the same time reach out to the many others who frequent this forum. Let's get behind Jerry and his efforts and help this young lady have the best trip ever.

Please consider making a donation of tying materials or if that's not your thing, perhaps you could purchase one of Jerry's fly assortments (listed in the classified section here). I've received the two that I ordered for my boys and I have to say that I'm absolutely blown away by the quality of the flies in the box. Some are just almost too pretty to ever get wet. Almost.... Jerry is exceptionally skilled at this art and you will not find flies like this at the price her offers them at. I like the fact that when I see my boys holding these boxes, I know that my purchase helped another child in a small way, rather than a large company tying flies in Cambodia....

Feel free to PM me regarding how to make a contribution.

Take care all and thanks again for the support.


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