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Default Re: Help Me Support a Fellow Member

Hey Guys.

I updated the original post with the contributor's list on it. I have listed what I have received so far. If you sent something and you are not on the list, please let me know so I can figure out where it is.

For those who have contributed, thank you. For those who are considering it, we are in the bottom of the 7th on this project, so as you are transitioning from tying to fishing, please consider making a donation.

Jerry is funding his own "Make-A-Wish" project for a young girl and he is busting his tail to make it happen for her. Let's get behind his efforts and show our support so he can concentrate on tying rather than budgeting for materials.

Please hurry and get your donations in. It would be great if our box could be put in the mail next week so Jerry can make use of it with this special gift he is giving the young lady.

Thanks again all.

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