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Default Re: No water in the SoCal trout rivers

Originally Posted by yikes View Post
I like the guys at Fisherman's Spot, but I have an alternate viewpoint. Yes, the West Fork was flowing very slow, and yes, the drive up Hwy 39 looked bone dry.
Lots of skinny water, yes. But, if you look at hydrology maps, you can find historically, those water sheds that flow higher, and I think it is because they may not be heavily dependent on snow melt. The San Gabriels are not one of them, unfortunately.

The current area I've been focused on has a lot more water than the usual spots people frequent. I'm beginning to think there are some underground springs that are assisting with the water flow, although the melting of the last bits of snow at higher peaks may also be a contributing factor.

That said, I think a lot of local fly shops direct people away from these areas simply because biologically, the fish may be more susceptible if they are not handled delicately enough. With the dissolved oxygen being taken from the water day by day, as temperatures rise, and flows decrease, it may just be that they would rather not even see anybody attempt to fish the areas.
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