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Default Re: Question regarding oversize rod for smaller flies?

Jay and Will both have good points that agree with. The main reason I like a larger rod is when it's windy I can still fish. Your in Montana I don't have to tell you that most days it's windy. With you and your friend side by side on a windy day he will have a lot less trouble with wind. I personally like a 6 weight rod/line and will carry an extra spool with a 7 weight line when fishing in Montana. Now in Cali I use a 4-5 rod most of the time the fish are smaller. In Montana you have alligator size browns and rainbows like submarines if you hook one a seven will be a better choice for fighting fish not needed but and advantage over a 5 weight rod. I think windy conditions are the main reason for a larger rod if your line and leader are correct any small fly can be fished with a 7 rod.
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