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Default Re: CutThroat Leaders Discount Offer

Originally Posted by grtlksmarlin View Post
Okay, so after seeing a number of CTL's posts and seeing this product name used for the first time in my life here, it made me do some investigation at the site wondering "What in the heck is a furled leader?!"

Okay, so now I've seen it, read about it yet am still left with a few questions (some I read in the FAQ's yet I guess i need to hear it repeated to me, dense i guess).

1. I use a tippet at the end of these yes? IOW, a piece of mono or flourocarbon between the leader and the fly?
2. Really, how is the longevity of these things? As it stands my leader wallet is chock full of stiffening, yellowing tapered leaders of various sizes. Naturally the bulk of that portions left over from broken leaders.
3. Are those using these finding that it has reduced their inventory of leaders carried with them?.....IOW, instead of 2-3 tapered leaders of the same size, and tippet material to rebuild them of numerous sizes, I'd just need one of these of various sizes and types, and then my tippet material for the end?
4. Are there sinking versions? Obviously currently I just use mud and weight/shot to take mono ones down.
5. Is the casting and presentation better/same/worse?

Sorry for the ignorance on the subject, I just know nothing about furled leaders. Thanks for any help in better understanding these as they'd be a bit of an investment if I decide to give them a solid try.

Give these a try! Sent you a PM.
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