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Furled Leaders, What are they and why do I want one…?

What is a furled leader…? A furled leader is all about Presentation, Simplicity and Durability. Tapered Furled leaders are created using multiple strands of very small diameter material, therefore the leader does not have any of the memory that is often associated with a standard tapered leader. No more stretching / pulling trying to remove the coiled memory. The furled leader / tippet and fly will lay out straight right from the first cast. The absence of memory allows all the energy of your loaded rod to travel down the line, the leader and ultimately to the fly. Your Fly line is memory free, why would you attach a leader that is not?

Presentation: You will see improvements in accuracy, casting into the wind as well as your casting distance will be lengthened. Another major benefit, you are always fishing with an engineered / designed leader. No more short stubby leaders that will not turn a fly.

Simplicity: Most furled leaders come with a loop on the fly line end. The tippet end comes with either a tippet ring or a loop for easy tippet changes.

Durability: Thread Furled leaders are known for durability. If a furled leader is used properly, i.e. use the appropriate size tippet for that specific leader, they can last a full season of heavy fishing. If you do get a wind knot, pull the knot tight and keep fishing.

If you have not yet giving a furled leader a try, you owe it to yourself to do so. No other small dollar purchase can have such a positive effect on your fly fishing experience.

How to use:
We tell fly fishers to start with 4’-0” of tippet tied to the end of our furled leader. I know of many great fly fishers that only use 18-24” of tippet and I know many that throw 6-7’ of straight line tippet. 5X tippet matches up best with our medium weight leader. If you need to have a terminal end tippet of 6x or 7x, I recommend using 3-4’ of 5X and then tie 12-18” of 6x or 7x to the 5X tippet. In my opinion, 6X & 7X do not have enough mass to turn over long lengths of tippet.

The leaders comes with either a tippet ring or a shorb loop. I prefer the loop as it makes for s a stronger connection. If you choose the ring and the ring breaks off (typically using 4x tippet and snagged a tree), simply tie your tippet to the end of the leader. A simple overhand knot with two wraps gets the job done.

The thread leaders do need to be treated to float. Paste floatant is best. If treated in the morning, they should float most of the day. Unless you catch 20+ fish, you may have to reapply. I know of many fly fishers that grease up the entire leader minus the last 12” of so. This keeps the fly below the surface of the water by 6-12”. Great for fishing emergers.

Untreated leaders sink fast. They make great wet fly leaders, swinging small streamers, etc. Thread leaders are not great with indicators. For indicators, look at our Hi-Vis Nymph Leader or our "Big Bug" leader which is great to use with a thing-a-ma-bobber indicator.

I am always available to answer questions. Please do not hesitate to call or email me.
Mike Morin

Hand Woven Furled Leaders
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