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Default Re: Bigger & Better... "The Fly Box 90!"

Originally Posted by hairwing530 View Post
And, since I'm finishing up the compilations of your boxes, you're going to be moved up to the "FB-90" bracket. Fair enough?
Actually not really......We made a deal for 80+80 which in my thinking was already way beyond generous from you.

Now I'd still like one standard box of 80 but would be more than happy taking whatever oddities that guy ordered off your hands as part of it to help relieve that burdon....But I'm most excited about my "Community Jar" second 80 of those experiments gone awry and your kids "trials and errors" flies that are just sitting there helping no one.

80+80 suits me just fine in that I'm already getting a terrific deal, and if that gets you 20 flies closer to filling another order....well....all the better.

Your generousity clearly in all aspects of your life humbling.


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Oh and P.S....

For us buying these it's not really about "good deals and fair trade." It's about being able to march a little while in your parade of kindness and giving to others. The flies the most minor part of it. As it's really about being able to do what insignificant amount we can to live by your example.

So let me give a little too as minor as it may be...I want that same good feeling, and Lord knows, I need the extra points to find my way into heaven


-To conserve and protect our sporting outdoor heritage
----through responsible wildlife and natural resource
---------stewardship, and educated ethical use.
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