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Default Re: Lamson light speed spool question

I know some people don't like the Lamsons, Speedster excluded, due to barreling problems. I've really enjoyed mine though and usually buy a size up from the rod I'm fishing with. This leaves a little more room on the spool if barreling does occur and usually balances the rod better. I will say, based on comments on this forum, my last reel purchase was a Hardy DD Ultralight so I could try fishing with a narrower reel.

In any event... A month or two ago, I found a new Lamson Litespeed Hard Alox II in a size 3 for about $175 - just too good a deal to pass up. Today I found a 3x spool on the big auction site at about a $50 or so discount and bought it. This will add a little more versatility without having to buy another reel! So thanks again Biggie for answering my question.

My first fishing trip is next week. Can't wait to get in on some fish action!

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