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Default Re: Bigger & Better... "The Fly Box 90!"

Originally Posted by hairwing530 View Post
Any of your buds need some flies?...
Well "my buds" in and of itself is a confusing and twisted tale.

In brief those that fished and would have genuinely appreciated all aspects of your flies from the artistry to the deep meaning of those who helped you make them have all passed in the last couple of years (all between 45-53)....The majority remaining (more acquaintances really) who fish, though each have their important place in this world, are not the sort who appreciate people, efforts or things past the use they can get from them. So I'd not insult your work and its deep meaning by even telling them where they can get them.

I can't get the brothers, nieces or nephews to fish leaving only my wife who would doubtfully utilize them, and my friend who went West with me last year....Him I'll have to think on though is doubtful.

What I am considering (though haven't decided upon) however is possibly purchasing a couple boxes and along with their story donating them for a couple charity fund-raising events. In that way (knowing how those things go), it's the the story, "Made in Michigan", and so on that will have the right people bidding on them, the quality of the flies a further bonus, and in the end it's a win all around......Yet I need to think on it first, BUT, will look into it.

So for the time being it's just you and me bud, and I'll be hard pressed to use all I'm already getting in the balance of my lifetime.


-To conserve and protect our sporting outdoor heritage
----through responsible wildlife and natural resource
---------stewardship, and educated ethical use.
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