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Default Re: Galvan Rush Light, Nautilus FWX, Hardy UltraliteDD

I was able to get my hands on the galvan and the hardy yesterday, and loved the both for different reasons....
pros; "seemed" to be beefier, the drag would stop the spool, the green and silver looked great, the stories of galvan service are great
cons; the drag knob had a little wiggle at lighter settings and the drag knob detents weren't as firm as expected...all in all not big, or even mild issues
pros; the drag was pretty sweet and very fine tuned, everything fit great whether the drag was tight or loose, I liked the look of the machining, overall very smooth and impressive
cons; the silver is very shiny!, there are exposed detents on the spindle/drag that I worry about with ice and silt, the amount of machining makes me worry if it is dropped, I don't know anything of their service being that this is made in korea and the company is owned by a larger group?, 5yr warranty
So, I may have to take another look at them, and maybe see what their manuals say about maintenance
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