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Default Re: How old is your 'fishing car?'

1999 Jeep Cherokee 4.0L. 4x4, 179,000+ miles. Unfortunately no one will ride in it with me. 11 years of running my two Chocolate labs 2-3x a day in the woods and swamps meant it became too tiresome to vacuum it out daily, so daily became weekly, then monthly, then annually, then feck it.....The thing is a wreck from 2 145# sopping wet dogs shaking off inside (I mean why do so outside?) slobber and mud slung everywhere, the back seat has not been set up in 11 years except one time to vacuum finding a 2" thick mat of dog hair.

Shotgun shells rolling all over in it, hunting gear and fishing gear left in it "just in case"......Yet the best part is it is a perfect smugglers vehicle...How do I know?

A few years ago a rookie deputy decided he had just seen me one too many times daily at countless parking spots on state land.....Granted, it didn't matter that even in the middle of winter I had the windows down in back for the dogs to hang their heads out of and he had seen them often, as clearly I must be growing dope out there......Welp, he insisted on searching the vehicle, and gave me the angriest look when I began howling with laughter and said "go for it"

His head wasn't even in the car and he flung himself back from the stench (at the time maybe only 7 years of swamp water, wet dogs, dog dander and all the mold and fungus that probably grows in there on it, horse and wilde game manuer on boots and dog feet, etc.)....However being young he would not be deterred and when he was done searching the front I suggested he search under that never raised back seat.....He looked like sasquatch when done stating only "that jeep really needs to be cleaned out!"

Oddly when I handed him a bag and my bandana to do so himself.....He declined, and never, ever has another officer questioned me again.

When asked "aren't I afraid of leaving the door wide open, keys in it and still running?"...I just tell them to stick their head in there even now that the dogs have passed (not that they would have been a deterrant anywhow for anyone so friendly)....All agree....My jeep will NEVER be stolen.

It smells like an old boot wore for 10 years that has been filled with old cheese and stuck up a hobo's backside...Yet for a 11 years, the windows always down (heck the heat didn't work for 4 years and I didn't waste my time fixing it) and having better things to do still needing to run the dogs why bother?.....I always figured when they were gone it would just be disposable.

Anyhow, the dogs just passed, and that Jeep 225 6cyl. 4x4 you just can't kill......Guess it's time to get out the soap, though missing the dogs, I kindof don't want to.


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