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Default Re: Ultra Violet Flies?

Originally Posted by mojo View Post
I like and use UV flies. They work for me and Joni. What doesn't seem to work is that UV spray you put on, let it dry and fish it. At least it doesn't seem to work for me. There are some that swear by it though.
Perhaps that's just the conditions of your river, water/fish/background contrast/depth/etc. that has something to do with that (different result based on product used). As Leisure Suit Larry might say, "when Aqua Velva isn't catching you babes, splash on half a bottle of Hai Karate then disco." Which personally, I think would be terrible advice.....Everyone knows you need to bathe in Jovan with an English Leather over-splash.

Besides, it's rarely "just" one thing as BigJim5589 states. The water fished in, weather of the day, how that fly looks in relation to depth/background/light, heck even how much the fish are already catching and their general mood....A gazillion variables.

That's why I've always believed the initial appropriate presentation is key.......
"Hey baby, grrrr, I'm an Aries what's your sign? What say we truck on over to the gravel beds and get....


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