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Default Re: WOOO...Tax time...considering new spey rod

Originally Posted by king joe View Post
3) I am TERRIBLE at spey casting (a sad reminder) . Basically, I 'see' what I am to do including self-talking through the strokes...make the strokes needed...but can't shoot cleanly off the water without a false cast-type of motion. THEN, with the false cast, I am shooting easily 90+ feet.
This sounds like you are letting too much fly line be in contact with the water before you begin your forward cast. It should just be the last foot or so. If it is an airborne Spey cast (like Single Spey) this timing is tricky! You have to start earlier into your forward cast than you might think and the rod tip should be rising as the line lands - not going downwards which is a very common mistake.

Anyway - I'm just guessing what the problem is. It is great fun learning for yourself. Enjoy the journey!

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