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Default Re: Galvan Rush Light, Nautilus FWX, Hardy UltraliteDD

Out of due diligence, I was able to get my hand on Nautilus this weekend at Trouts in Denver. I was shown a black 3/4 reel and was not impressed. The spool had quite a bit of resistance reeling in, there were no drag detents, and there was quite a bit of play in the spool to frame fit. I then saw a size one, I had forgotten they produced a smaller size as well, and asked to see it just for fun. It was the complete opposite! Spun freely, great detents, great fit and no wobble. I then asked if they had a 5/6 and was told that there may be on in their stock room, but that I did not want that size as it was too large for my application. After some further insisting by me, the gentleman returned with a black 5/6. Just like the size 1, it was great. I asked the gentleman if there was something wrong with the 3/4 reel, and he played with it some and said that there must be, but returned it to the display case. He did not have anything positive to say about Ross or Galvan. I did look at some Hatch reels, which were very cool, but well out of my price range.
I talked further with a different gentleman and he told me that he felt the FWX series was great for CO, but that he had used it for redfish and it failed him the first trip out. He did point out that these were 20-40lb redfish, but I do not know if that is a great feat. He did say that he used the FWX for carp, and has no issues so far.
Overall, I felt that the Nautilus FWX was a very nice reel, but to light in actual weight for my liking. The reel I handled that I believe had an issue was a little concerning to me in that it was only a display model and had never been fished. I am guessing that it was dropped at some point.
Can't wait for my Galvan RushLT to arrive, as I think that I made a solid choice.
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