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Default Re: Bigger & Better... "The Fly Box 90!"

Sorry to hear about your recent second failure to pay hairwing530.....but since this is a forum that "anyone & anytype" may access, perhaps it would serve you better if you didn't start tying until payment is received. IOW, don't let your own trusting nature be the source of you losing your trust of others. How does the old saying go? "In God we trust....all others pay in cash (all others pay up front)."

I get your frustration, I really do.

Having been in business for over 35 years with customers having ranged from countless 1-man shows to the Big Three Automakers and the U.S. Military, you can be sure I've encountered many breeches of trust. No matter how cut and dry, iron clad and legal it may have been, you still get your lumps, yet the worst stings come from giving from the heart to help friends in need only to have them stick you in the end.

However....When it is all said and done and a final tally made, years of my life stolen, more money unpaid then I care to share, yet worst of all my own trust betrayed as i offered another man my hand and said sincerely "I'll do everything in my power to help you with your problem"......I can still look in the mirror when some may call me a sucker and say "my honor and word is unsullied."

I don't have to look at their face everyday, just mine........and we both need to remember that doing business fairly and wisely be they strangers or friends is NOT being untrusting. It is simply insuring we won't jade our trust in others.


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