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Default Re: Line weight/rod weight question

IMO.....the manufacturers have gotten into the "FAST" rod race. I really believe that they are under rating rods intentionally to have the fastest rod. This is speaking in generalities of course. I have 2 5wt rods that I actually do use a 5 wt line with. I have a 2wt that feels good with up to and including a 5wt line. It will cast a 2wt line but it like heavier. I have 7wt that likes a 8wt line and I have a 9wt that works well with a 9wt. I have an 8wt that likes a 9wt line. I have an old glass Fenwick 5wt that likes a 4wt line. An old glass Heddon 7wt that likes a 7wt and a new cheap EC 5/6 wt that likes both a 5 and 6wt line. Whether a rod is fast or slow it will cast better with a certain wt line of a given design. Not all WF lines are created equal. Not all 5wt lines are 5wt lines. The whole weight system is out of control and is very confusing to new comers as well as old timers. It is too bad we have to buy multiple $70 lines to find one that works well on a new rod. I am sure it discourages new fishermen from pursuing this fine sport.
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