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Default Getting Help

I just returned from my fly club's two session casting class. This part dealing with advanced casting techniques.

I'm a pretty good natural caster, but have struggled with a double haul, in spite of quite a bit of practice and video views.

The reality for me is, there's no substitute for an experts eyes watching, and correcting the little flaws that I never suspected.

Suddenly, with just a morning of interaction with an instructor, everything just clicked! 60 feet, 75 feet, 90 feet, WEEEEE!!! My regular casting also improved as he pointed out tiny little things I could correct.

If, like me, you want to become a better caster, seek out hands on instruction. The ability to talk back and forth while trying to master something is invaluable.

That's it. I'm just so stoked and wanted to share how this happened!
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