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Default Re: beginner confusion on how to properly use leader and tippet

Originally Posted by mikel View Post
I disagree. Using the search function allows a guy to see if he can find an answer on his own. Internet searches are also useful tools. After doing 5 minutes (tops) of research one can generally answer their own question. If not, then ask away.

It's not new dialog. It's the same dialog over and over.

Suggesting that a person be self sufficient enough to invest a few minutes to look for an answer on their own is not out of line.
I heartily agree with the investing a few minutes in a search, I quit another forum (shooting) because everytime I would post some info I would get a load of "where's the link....give us the URL" anyone with one functioning eye and one non broken finger could have found it in less than two minutes, and ya know? if you REALLY WANT to know more you'll invest those two minutes, heck I found a LOAD of info on this site about furled leaders just by searching one word, then I asked a few PERTINENT questions and had what I needed / wanted in short order

search away...
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