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Default Re: Why is my leader tangling on forward cast?

Originally Posted by fishsalmo56 View Post
In my mind it is a bit of a discipline thing. When practicing your cast on the lawn, or some place where you can have a nice backcast, close your eyes on the back cast and FEEL the line load the rod up before you begin your forward cast. You have to pause enough to let the line really gegin to straighten behnid you, and begin to pull the tip back (loading the rod) before you begin your forward cast.
Once you get it, you will have a real "a ha" moment. Your cast will really improve after that. Put the pause in.
Originally Posted by CutThroat Leaders View Post
I could not agree more with the statement above.... feel the rod load.
well Stated.
+1 to CTL's sentiment...

I never, ever, EVer watch my backcast unless I'm concerned about clearing obstructions. Not that I'm some casting guru, yet frankly folks need to learn to "feel" what the tool being the rod is doing, learn the rod itself and let repetitive association do the rest.

The VERY first thing I explain to someone wanting to learn how to cast a fly, or even correctly use conventional tackle it to show them how a rod, a tool, works....I cannot even begin to count the number of people I have encountered that bought fly gear and then quit unable to use it (trying to heave the fly just like they have been improperly heaving lures)....By simply having them stand there, rod pointing to the sky, and pulling on the line 30' back all of a sudden they "feel" the rod bend/load for the first time. Then explain to them for the time being never, ever allow the rod tip to go past 10:00 on the backcast...Then point the rod tip, and like magic, they're fly fishing.

I'm not a fighter pilot in a dogfight, I shouldn't have to rubber-neck. More so, it shouldn't be such a hand eye thing......Casting a fly is a liesurely, relaxing, rewarding and slightly challenging endeavor that after a brief period should take nothing more than tactile reflex.

The second casting takes 10x more effort than reading the water the "joy" of fly fishing is lost to me.......Learn your tool, and treat your tool right and you'll get many enjoyable hours handling it....hehe.


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