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Default Re: Ultra Violet Flies?

Originally Posted by arreflections View Post
I think confidence in a fly outweighs the latest marketing stuff. Confidence influences presentation. Presentation is key as a previous poster mentioned. Do you ever notice when yo up are using a confidence fly that you tend to focus on the retrieve a little more or that you may tend to slow the retrieve down a bit? When you are using a fly without high confidence then a tendency to rush the presentation to hurriedly dismiss the fly to change out for your confidence fly probably occurs. Just saying...
I think there's a whole lot of truth to this. Not that there may not be some advantage to uv materials. I don't know. Heck, this whole fly fishing thing is about confidence. We need to have a boatload of confidence when we expect all the junk we wrap around a hook to compete with moving, soft, scented, translucent, un-tethered bugs floating down the river! Whatever it takes - the more confident I am in the fly, the longer and more intently I tend to fish it.

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