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Default Re: Vedavoo Sling Pack Review

Originally Posted by petee View Post
Wrong, you're not paying for the made in the USA. You're paying for a quality well made item. Plus it hangs on your back like it was made to hang there. Oh wait! That's what it was designed to do. It wasn't designed to be a vest or chest pack where you carry everything but the kitchen sink. Unlike the Patagonia you don't need another strap to keep it from sliding to the front when you bend over. It stays in place.

I can't speak for the basic pack as I upgraded and went with the extra pouch and clips, but mine carries everything I need for a day of fly fishing. I miss a spot for a water bottle, but there are ways around that. Eventually I will be getting another extra pouch or two to hold my equipment for specific water/ styles of fishing such as fly boxes, saltwater gear, or my spey lines/ reels. Then its just grab the specific pouch and clip it on. The rest of the pack carries all the basics that are required for whatever style of fishing you are doing.

Delivery time was a little over a week. And the pack is 100% quality. Plus with all the color options, you aren't running with the rest of the herd.

That's kind of what I associate with made in USA items. I was willing to spend a lot of money on a Filson vest that does what it is designed to do and to last longer than myself. But there's no doubt in my mind it could be manufactured cheaper in china than it is here, for most companies.

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