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Lightbulb Re: attach leader to fly line

Hi salmon,
I don't see any reason why you couldn't use the perfection loop as you have mentioned here. I think that you'll find that most people nowadays use a loop to loop connection. It allows for much more efficiency and quickness in changing leaders. If your throwing dry flies on a 5x leader and your wanting to switch to a bugger for example you'll want to switch out to a 2-3x leader to turn that bugger over without twisting your leader and tippet to a big mess. That being said there are a number of different options for connecting a leader to fly line.
One thing I would invest in is a "Tie Fast" Nail Knot Tool. Splurge the $5 bucks and get one. It's a handy little gadget that makes nail knotting a piece of cake.
Well worth the money.

#1 Nail Knot a piece of non memory heavy monofilament 6 inches in length to the end of your fly line. Put a perfection loop in the end of that mono and then loop on your leaders as you so desire.

#2 Double your fly line over and Nail Knot a loop into your fly line. Then coat it with a product like "LOON'S UV Knot Sense" This will help your knots slip through your guides. Another option similar to this is called a whipped loop which involves using fly tying thread and a bobbin and whip finisher to keep that loop in place then coating it with the self hardening agent of your choice.

#3 is to purchase the New SA L2L leader system. These work out quite a bit better than the old ones. You simply slide on tube over your fly line and put an overhand knot in your fly line so that it doesn't slip off. Then you purchase a number of these leaders which have a built in connector. They simply twist on and off as needed.

#4 is to purchase a fly line that has a welded loop in it already.

#5 is to purchase braided loop connectors. I don't recommend these as they break fairly easily and are more hassle than they are worth.

#6 is to nail knot all of your leaders on. This is very old school but does make the best connection and transfer energy very well from line to fly. If you don't change fly size drastically or fishing styles, IE. Dries, Nymphs, Streamers, Etc. Than this may very well be the best method for you to eventually work towards.

I personally use a welded loop line. The welded loop has worked out for me the best so far for my particular situation.
Hope that helps.
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