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sorry if I inavertantly started a squabble here.but i'm sorry , Bubba loves lu-lu ,swastikas,joe blow was here, painted on everything is not a sign of economic depression,it pure idiodic vandalism! and believe me ,having spent enough time in a dirt floored shack ,I know those folks care as much about their land as anyone.And they also understand very well that one tourist/fisherman will spend more money in a week than they will see in 3 months.My comment was about the practice in general. That being said ,as far as the pollution issues go ,being involved in ranching and farming all my life,as well as being involved in hunting and fishing ive saw both sides of the story first hand.I understand the farmers trying to make a living from their land haveing to use the fertilizer and pesticides to make a crop.And ive seen first hand literally hundreds of bass ,crappie, and bluegill,some trophy size floating dead in a runoff lake from the misuse of them.Not to mention sick cattle aborting calves,dead wildlife and all the other terrible things.Its a real problem that has no easy,fast answers.I have been very lucky/blessed in my life to have fished and hunted in lots of wonderful areas of this country.But i was raised up in it as a natural part of our lives,when we was just small kids dad would take us hunting and fishing as often as possible,we practically grew up outdoors.But he had a couple of concrete rules that you never broke even fifty years ago.(1)never start a campfire below the high water line,it was his firm belief even then that someone cooking on a open fire would pour their cooking grease in the fire and that would eventually get into the water(2)on the day we left,whether we were on the yellowstone,the elk river ,a private lake,or any of the hundreds of unnamed creeks we fished around this country ,every bit of trash would be picked up as far up and down the river/lake as he could was his unquestionable belief that this was "OUR"country and it was "OUR" responsibility to keep it up.It kills my poor old soul to see a bunch of idiots marking it up for the simple sake of their amusement.I dont mean to offend anyone but thats just the way I believe,we have all seen the decline of the natural places in our country in our short lifetimes( and thanks to folks like you and others its restoration in places),to think of someone spray painting it all makes me want to throw up.keep up the good work!
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