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Default Re: New Switch Rod or stay w/ 9' 8 weight?

Originally Posted by Bigfly View Post
Two handed casting lets me keep my elbows down at my sides, that allows me many more casts without straining. Managed to rehab an old rotator injury that way and still keep fishing!
My rod is light enough to high stick, but it does tire my shoulder some. Iv'e found a water load very effective and easiest overall.
Using a lighter reel now with less backing to help out on weight, on smaller waters.
Yep, I use to get tendoneitus steelhead and salmon fishing. High sticking with a single handed rod is work. Switch rods do it naturally. I've been using a Hardy 11 1/2 7 weight Swift and love it for almost all my Great Lakes Steelheading. The only rivers around the Great Lakes where the full blown spey comes in handy are the bigger boat rivers like the Manistee and Muskegon in MI, and perhaps the Salmon in NY state. Even on those rivers the Switch rod still gives you a leg up on the single handed rods, wether your swinging flies, high sticking or indicator fishing.

I fish a lot from Elk creek to the Betsy in MI and everything in between. And I have fished the Sandy and Oak Orchard in NY (I've seen the Salmon but never fished it). I would suggest an 11-12 foot fast seven weight, like the Winston BIIMX . Hardy Swift, Demon or Sage Z-Axis.
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