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Default Re: Albright flies

Well, I ordered some some of the Albright flies: #2 Bass Waker,shad, #6 Bass Waker, golden shiner and #8 San Juan worm, earthworm.

The San Juan worm is more like a nymph. The body looks like it came out of a mould and the #8 hook can easily be bent and twisted by hand and the point won't stick into my thumb nail. If you like barbless hooks you will be happy because you can hardly see it.

The Bass Wakers are the same body (size and color) with the shad having silver streamers and the golden shiner of course gold. I expected the #6 body to be somewhat smaller in size but the only difference is the tail on the #6 is about 1/4" shorter. The hooks on both are too thin for bass fishing and a jack fish would bite them into.

The best deal I got was an extra spool ($9) for my free topwater reel.

I refer back to my previous post--if you want quality tied flies check out some independent tyers and be happy to pay a little extra and get what you want. My three favorite are Bear Routh, Quill Gordon (website) and Tom Hies (Caster's Fly Shop website). All three are excellent fly tyers who will tie what you want and how you want it and will tell you whether it will work or not. Bear and Quill are members here.
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