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Default A question and idea....what do you all think

ok so being a beginner and very new to this again and wasnt ever any good really to start with i wanted to run an idea past you all and see what you thought.....i know from reading some posts here that we have a vast array of experience levels of the members here with more knoledge of a lot of things about the heres the idea.....with so many mambers and im sure there are some guys out there diggin for info on various things....what would your ideas be about sending videos or DVDs....heres what im thinkin,.....if you got a vid that might be some use to someone.....say a tying what you have as far as the video goes....if someone would like to see it they post that they would...then on down the if i post i have this video and member 1 wants it...i send it to him/her...member 2 wants to see it...member 1 sends it to member 2 and so on...kind of on down the you think that would work ok? anyone have any ideas or opinions.....was jsut a thought that i had since some of these vids are pretty pricy and would be nice for a member to view many as possible.....if the owner of the vid wanted it back to watch again or whatever they could get it back and then start all over with the person next on the list.....maybe the members that viewed it would toss something in for the owner of the vid say a fly or two and the flys keep stackin up for the owner and so on.....what you guys think? i think we have a bunch of honest people here and i wouldnt be worried to send a vid out that i have and worry about getting it back
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