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Default Re: First Spring Trip West

Hey thanks for the advice Moe.

Well we mad the journey west, it was extreamly cold in the morning but thankfully the weather was predicted to warm up in as the day went on and i did, it was a spectacular day to be on the river regardless of fish count.

As i stated above, we arrived to our first destination and the water was FREEEEZING. I could only bare to be in the water for 15-20 mins at time then walk about the shore to get the blood flowing to near frost bitten feet. Nothing seemed to working, streamer and egg sucking leaches were useless and and my last resort, SPAWN wouldn't even bring in the hungriest of fish.

We stayed for about 2 hrs and decided to leave. As were were leaving a canoe arrived in the middle of the river and first cast they had caught and landed a nice sized steal head.............bummer

Our next destination was to a smaller river, Bear Creek in Brethran MI. In high hopes, we arrived with sun just blazing warming our backs. We walk up stream to a small creek and surprisingly we started catching 5-8inch baby fun. After, we then moved to our "honey hole", the mac daddy of holes, fished for hours and NOTHING. What were we doing wrong? Through out the rest of the day, we spent our time wading and searching for our destination to produce at least one fish.

STILL NOTHING, well we may have gone empty handed but it was very nice to be on the river. No regrets. I think it might of just been a bit early for, will be back for more next weekend.

Sorry for the long write, I just love to share detail. Hope you enjoy!!

P.S. Does anyone know how to upload images, i have pic i like to post for you guys!
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