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Post Hello from WV!

Greetings everyone. I've only been a member of this site for a few short weekd and already I can feel myself getting smarter. It is amazing the wealth of knowledge that exists here.
Well, on with it.......
I have been fly fishing, albeit lazily, for about five years now. So my skill level is quite amateurish. (If thats even a word.) However that is about to change, or at least Im going to try to make it change. I don't know why but I got the "fishing itch" last fall and spring could not come soon enough. With the onset of spring however work at work and work at home has kept me from getting my line wet as much as I wanted.
In WV there are some of the prettiest little streams around, as Im quite sure you know. However although I cant reach the much talked about Cranberry River or Williams river without dring a couple of hours, there are some small sterams within a half hour that I try to frequent as much as possible.
I am using a St. Croix 9' 6wt rod with a Cabela's reel. Both of which I received as a graduation present and am very happy with. (I can already hear calculators ticking. Yes I am 23.)
Im still learning. Both fly fishing and posting threads. But, Here I am.
I do have one question that I tried to post in another area but I was trying to do it from my phone and I dont think it took, anyway. Being that spring is, well, over, with the heat of summer coming does anyone have any suggestions as to fly choice for fishing in the heat of the day. Kind of a silly question I know but before most of my fishing was done in the spring and fall, usually during stocking season. Now that I am intensifiying my efforts Im just curious.
Anyway, thanks so much so far and I hope to continue to learn and to participate in anyway I can.
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