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Default Re: Diamond Lake, OR report

Originally Posted by Frank Whiton View Post
Hi flyfishingphil,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for the fishing report.

I wasn't sure where Diamond lake was located but I found some fishing reports. Some nice fish coming out of the lake but it seems like they are killing way too many at the lodges. I bet they are trolling for them.

That is nice country you live in. I use to fish in Northern Oregon a lot when I lived in Washington.

Thanks again for sharing your success at Diamond Lake.

They are taking a lot Frank but, since the rotenone treatment a couple of years ago, the fish are growing real fast. Lots of food for them. The latest estimate is somewhere around 200,000 fish in the lake. It was a trophy lake for years until the tui chub was introduced. Just about starved out the trout. At the rate they're growing it could easily become a "trophy" lake in the very near future.
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