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Default Re: cought me a fat bluegill today.

Originally Posted by zerolimit View Post
Panfish are really a lot of fun on the fly aren't they. I love fishing for them. Good job. I've had good luck with small buggers.

Here's a fun little tool for estimating the weight of various types of fish when length is about the only known factor. One pound is actually pretty big for a gill. They usually don't reach that weight until they are 10" or more.

Fresh Water Fish Weight Calculator

Now go catch some more! And share some pictures.

thanks for the link did the caculations and it was about half a pund. eh, a pound sounds good to me lol. during the spring the fish are really active and you can cast out dry flies all day and have fun catching blue gills and sunnies. but the real fun is takeing out a little boat and fishing in the deep stuff that is where all the big guys hangout. hopefully i'll be able to catch me a nice bass soon, i'm tired of my little 6 year old cusion out fishing me with his little pos spinning reel and 30 year old lures lol.
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