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  1. The Underwater World of Trout - DISCOVERY Wendell Ozzie Ozefovich Vol 1 DVD
  2. The Underwater World of Trout - FEEDING LIES Wendell Ozzie Ozefovich Vol 2 DVD
  3. The Underwater World of Trout Volume 1 ‚?? 3 Wendell Ozzie Ozefovich DVD SET
  4. The SWEETof the YEAR by R.Palmer Baker Jr. (Signed )
  5. Helen Shaw Vintage Book On Fly Tying With Dust Cover. Book Is Excellent
  6. lot of 7 vintage fishing books Buck Paysour sparse grey hackle
  7. Fresh water fishes 56 plates in colour hardcover book 1969 2nd edition jiri maly
  8. Fishing Secrets of the Experts by Vlad Evanoff 1962 HC/DJ
  9. Field Guide to American Wildlife East, Central, North
  10. Fishing with ray bergman - 1970 hc/dj
  11. OutDoorsman's Handbook Tips by Clyde Ormond 1970 HC/DJ
  12. Surf Fishing Tackle Kit and Book by Bill Varney Jr.
  14. VINTAGE FISHING "Waters Of The Golden Trout Country" - 1946 by Charles Mcdormand
  15. Geofish Volume 1 Mexico The Expedition Begins - a Fly Fishing Adventure DVD
  16. Hardback Book Dressing Flies for Fresh and Salt Water P Jorgensen 1973
  17. The Masters on the Dry Fly edited by; Michael Migel
  18. A FAIR HEAD of ANGLING STORIES by Rafael Sabatini (Signed by Editor)
  19. fisherman's winter by Roderick Haig-Brown 1954
  20. Fisherman's Summer Roderick Haig-Brown 1st Edition 1959
  21. Lindner Hardbait & Softbait Bass Fishing ~ 2 DVD LOT
  22. Prof Fly Tying and Tackle Making Manual & Manufacturer's Guide by George Herter
  23. Bass Fishing Classic Patterns Tournaments Preparation with Kevin Vandam DVD NEW
  24. SMALL in the EYE of the RIVER by Frank Mele (Signed)
  25. 8 BY CARMICHAEL by angler/historian Hoagy B. Carmichael
  26. Bill Dance's Fishing Wisdom Hardback Book Secrets To Catching More
  27. In Fisherman Pike Strategies Book Al Linder Doug Stange Location Technique
  28. How to make your own lures and flies by mel Marshall
  29. Advanced Bass Fishing Skills Ultimate Bass Fishing Library Hardbound 2003
  30. Very Rare Great Antique Fishing Book "American Fish And How To Catch Them" 1885
  31. Canada FISH FISHING Color Plates Major Canadian Sports Fish by W. Blackwood Law
  32. Old Fishing Lures Encyclopedia Vol 19 Collector Ref 1875-Up w/ Patents, History
  33. Old Fishing Lures Encyclopedia Vol 5 Collector Ref 1875-Up w/ Patents, History
  34. Old Fishing Lures Collector Encyclopedia V4 Comprehensive Maker Histories
  35. The seventh edition of ‚??A Master‚??s Guide to Building a Bamboo Fly Rod‚??.
  36. fly fishing the surf book
  37. South Bend Vintage Wood Fishing Lures Ref Book Tackle
  38. Vintage Sports Afield "Know Your Fish" from 1960
  40. Smallmouth Bass Book
  41. The Complete Book of Fishing A Guide to Freshwater, Saltwater & Big-Game Fishing
  42. 23151) Morizo Shimizu FANTASISTA III 95min. DVD
  43. Rod & Reel. MISSION-X V. Yuki Ito's Fishing True Story. 125min DVD. (PA18
  44. 23308) Lure magazine special Jackall Bros special selection J2MAX 2012 90min.DVD
  45. 10635) THE TSUNEKICHI FILE The Power of surface Fishing Murakami DVD 89min
  46. 10634) THE TSUNEKICHI FILE Sui Shin Ryoku Haruhiko Murakami DVD 67min
  47. 23239) Lure Magazine Special DVD DUEL TAKASHI SENDO in Mexico 68min. USED
  48. T21560) THE TSUNEKICHI FILE Kyukaku Ryoku Required objective force DVD 77min
  49. Vintage B.A.S.S. SEMINAR HANDBOOK - Bass Fishing
  50. Lure Magazine Special DVD Tsunekichi Haruhiko Murakami 75min
  51. 10636) THE TSUNEKICHI FILE Soku sen ryoku Haruhiko Murakami DVD 54+min
  52. 23315) THE TSUNEKICHI FILE Sui Shin Ryoku Haruhiko Murakami DVD 67min
  53. Summer Steelhead Fishing Techniques by Scott Haugen Fishing Book 2003
  54. The chronological history of penn reels--1932 to 1957--author signed softcover
  55. Big Game Anglers Paradise 1937 by Moise Kaplan, SIGNED for Mrs. Oliver Grinnell!
  56. Wright Price Guide for Reel Man 900 Fishing Reels
  57. NEW Fine-Tuning Hot Tactics for Largemouth Bass Fishing DVD Video
  58. Fishing collectibles rod reel creel value guide collector's book 2,000+ photos
  59. The Last Wild River in California - Fly Fishing for Wild Winter Steelhead DVD
  60. TROPHY ALASKAN RAINBOW TROUT L. Ames Luce Flyfishing Guide Book Rare OOP Salmon
  61. Common Service Book
  62. Critical Concepts: Walleye 3 ~ Core Techniques ~ Book ~ New
  64. Fisherman's manual fish and how to catch them 1942
  65. Leviathan An Extraordinary Fly Fishing Film by Gin-Clear Media
  66. Teaching Yourself to Fly Cast by Bill Gammell ( Fly Fishing, Fly Casting DVD)
  67. WALLEYE Seasonal Moves DVD Lindner's Angling Edge with Al & James Lindner *NEW*
  68. Two fly fishing soft-hackled fly and imitations by nemes midge dun caddis trout
  69. 2009 modern midges tying & fishing fly patterns dry fly larva pupa emerger adult
  70. Book , how to fish the pacific coast by raymond cannon - 1st edition in great sh
  71. Start to Finish Fly Rod Building Guide Book Fishing
  72. Old Fishing Lures Encyclopedia Vol 18 Collector Ref 1875-Up w/ Patents, History
  73. 1992, The Yellowstone River and its Angling by Dave Hughes, Amato Pub, SIGNED
  74. In-Fisherman Breakthrough Bassin' ~ Bass Fishing DVD with Free Ruler ~ NEW
  75. NEW Pro Tactics Walleye Fishing Pros Secrets to Catch More & Bigger Walleye
  76. Captain's Tales Season 1 DVD Fishing Robb Murchison innovative show catch NEW
  77. Vintage The Complete Book of Fly Fishing by Joe Brooks 1966 excellent condition
  80. In-Fisherman: Tackle Trends: Panfish On Ice ~ Dvd ~ New
  81. "BAIT, RIGS & TACKLE" for freshwater/saltwater-Sportsman's Best BOOK & DVD (NEW)
  82. Nymph Fishing for Chalk Stream Trout & Minor Tactics of the Chalk Stream, Skues
  83. The Little Red Fishing Knot Book Fly Trout Tying Line
  84. Fly Fishing For Dummies
  85. Signed 1969 first edition - jim conway's "fishin' holes"
  86. Midge Magic Tying with Davy Wotton (56 minutes Tutorial DVD)
  87. Reel People; ESOX FABLES by Tom Hollatz....Signed
  88. Angling in the Andes by George Patterson 1st ed 1961
  90. Fishing Reels of South Bend Collector Reference Best Of Columns ORCA Reel News
  91. Rotaryhead Fishing Lures: Vintage & Modern Classics COLLECTOR REFERENCE
  92. The Hunt For Big Fish by Larry Dahlberg ( 4 Hour - 2 DVD set )
  93. In The Wilderness by Charles Dudley Warner 1878 edition rare early book
  94. The Salmon Fisher by Charles Hallock 1890 edition rare early book
  95. songs of the edinburgh angling club 1900 edition
  96. Fur, Feathers and Steel by Reuben Cross 1940 first edition with DJ
  97. How to tie flies for trout by H G McClelland 1939 1st edition ninth printing
  98. The Fly and the Fish by John Atherton 1951 true first edition no DJ
  99. HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN LURES AND FLIES Mel Marshall An Outdoor Life Book 1976
  100. Vintage Fishing Book- The Complete Fly Tying Instruction Book-1941
  101. Rare VTG 1950 Hardcover American 1st Edition A MODERN DRY-FLY CODE V. Marinaro
  102. 1st Edition Hardcover ~ 1950 ~ FLIES ~ J. Edson Leonard ~ Excellent Condition
  103. Advanced Classic Wet Flies with Don Bastian - Fly Tying Tutorial DVD
  104. Trout - FRONTIER FLIES - Dry, Caddisflies, Midges, Stonefly, Steelhead, Salmon
  105. America's Fly Line book Silk Vintage Fishing Reel Fish
  106. Goodwin Granger Fishing Rods Collector Reference w/ Bamboo, Wright
  107. Fly Fisherman Foundation 40 Fly Patterns 4DVD Set
  108. Fishing with Joe Bucher "Smallies on Pro Finesse" DVD
  109. 5 VINTAGE FLY-FISHING BOOKS - (2 hard cover & 3 soft covers )
  111. MAYFLY MADNESS by Johan Klingberg & Ulf Borjesson ( Fly Fishing / Tying DVD)
  112. TROUT - Understanding Trout & Salmon, Fly Fishing, Flies, Baits, Tackle, Streams
  113. Fly Tying DVD Fly Fish TV Volume 6 - 12 DVD Set TLFS Trout Pike Galloup Dennis
  114. In-Fisherman Steelhead Strategies DVD
  115. Smallmouth Fly Tactics with Joe Warren ( 1-1/2 hour Bass Fly Fishing DVD)
  116. Smallmouth Strategies by North American Fishing Club 1990, HC Book NAFC
  117. Mayflies DRAKE SERIES - Hooked on Fly Tying - with James Bowen - DVD
  118. FISHING MOMENTS of TRUTH by Eric Peper and Jim Rikhoff
  119. Book of the Black Bass: Angling & Fly Fishing Tackle by JA Henshall Reprint 1987
  120. Nymph Fishing Rivers & Streams by Rick Hafele 1st Ed.
  121. Classic Salmon Fly Patterns
  122. Bonefishing With A Fly, Kaufmann, Signed, First Edition, 1992, Western
  123. Western Trout Fly Tying Manual Volume 2
  124. Davy Wotton's Top Ties Fly Tying DVD Vol-1 120 mins
  125. The Scientific Angler by Paul Johnson . (Signed )
  126. fish and fishing better homes and gardens book free shipping lot 84
  127. Pre-1970 Antique Fishing Reels Tackle & Lures $ID Guide
  128. Karl White Vol. 3 Antique Fishing Tackle Flyrod Baits
  129. Karl White Antique Fishing Tackle & Lures 3 Volume Set
  132. Night Train to Havana Wayne Curtis paperback Cuba novel signed Canada
  134. Kayak Fishing Book Assortment
  135. Salt Water Fly Patterns Book Lefty Kreh Fishing Lures Color Photos Anglers
  136. Unnaturals A Practical Guide to Tying with Synthetics
  137. On Becoming a Fly Fisherman by Alexander MacDonald
  138. Little Rivers by Henry Van Dyke 1896
  139. Nymphing A Basic Book by Gary A. Borger - 1st edition
  140. Feather in the Breeze J. Edson Leonard 1st Edition
  141. The Well Tempered Angler Arnold Gingrich 1st Edition
  142. LargeMouth Bass Book Fishing Instructions Fishermen Tips Guide Fish Strategies
  143. The Spring Run, Kanipe, Rare Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Book, Maumee, Sandusky
  144. To Hell with Fishing by Ed Zern & H.T. Webster
  145. This Wonderful World of Trout Charles K. Fox
  146. Seasons of the Angler by David Seybold
  147. Fishbugs The Aquatic Insects of an Eastern Flyfisher
  148. Split and Glued by Vincent C. Marinaro -NEW- SIGNED LIMITED EDITION One of 150
  149. Bogdan -NEW- SIGNED LIMITED EDITION- one of 250 copies
  150. Complete Guide to Game Fish : A Field Book of Fresh- and Saltwater Species by By
  151. The Henry's Fork by Charles E. Brooks -NEW- -SIGNED- -LIMITED EDITION-
  152. 50434) Lure Magazine Salt Squid Norihiro Shigemi EGING Final Premium DVD 150min
  153. 50431) Lure Magazine Salt Squid Norihiro Shigemi EGING Final VI DVD 170min
  154. 50432) Lure Magazine Salt Squid Norihiro Shigemi EGING Final VII DVD 143min
  155. 50433) Lure Magazine Salt Squid Norihiro Shigemi EGING Final IX DVD 123min
  156. 50429) Lure Magazine Squid fishing Eging Strongest tag team DVD 140min
  157. 50430) Fishing Vision Squid fishing EGING EGIPARA Vol.3 DVD 115min
  158. ~Inside Sportsfishing (4) Video Set~Fishing Fish Angling Bait Tuna Marlin Dorado
  159. Fishing Lure Collectibles - Dudley Murphy/Rick Edmisten - Collector Book HB
  160. Fishing Tackle Antiques And Collectibles - Pre 1960 Lures/Reels + Book
  162. Folk Art Fish Decoy Book Spear Jigging Boxes
  163. 50425) COSMIC MOOK The KNOTS Strongest of tuna knot technique DVD 72min
  164. 50426) BREADEN Squid teacher Spiral fishing Technique Jun Tomidokoro DVD 84min
  165. 50427) BREADEN Squid fishing Eging Document #2 DVD 119min
  166. 365 TROUT FLIES Fly Fishing Book New HARDCOVER! No Reserve! Rod Reel Vest Waders
  167. The Classic Guide to Fly Fishing for Trout by Jardine
  168. The Sweet of the Year by Palmer Baker, Jr. 1st Edition
  169. Great fly Fishing Book: THE ANGLER'S FLY IDENTIFIER, in Excellent Condition
  170. The Idyll of the Split-Bamboo Dr. George Parker Holden
  171. In-Fisherman Finesse Bass Tactics DVD Video Large Mouth Bass Fishing Fish NEW
  172. Great Fly Fishing Book: GREAT RIVERS GREAT HATCHES by Charles Meck
  173. (3) Rapala Pro Bass Tactics Fishing DVD Volume 1,2, and 3 Set
  174. Anatomy of a Trout Stream DVD Video Fly Fishing Guide - Scientific Anglers
  175. Essential Skills - Vol 5 BIG DRY FLIES FOR FAST WATER by Oliver Edwards - DVD
  176. Tying the Flies of Pat Ehlers - Bass Flies (Fly Tying Tutorial DVD)
  177. HOME WATER; Near and Far by William Tapply
  178. MOUNTAIN TIME by Paul Schullery
  179. MUSKIE! The Book of the Wisconsin Muskellunge
  180. SALTWATER FLY FISHING by Jack Samson
  181. PREY by Carl Richards
  182. TROUT Complete Guide to Catching Trout with Flies Artificial Lures Bait Book NEW
  183. Vintage Fly Fishing Tying Book Eric Leiser 1981 Alfred Knopf
  184. The ART & Craftsmanship of Fly Fishing by Alf Walker
  185. Where the Yellowstone Goes by Hunter Weeks ( Fly Fishing Movie/DVD)
  186. DVD & BOOK SURF FISHING-Techniques & Gear for Surf, Piers & Jetties - Sealed DVD
  187. Never Name the River by Lazy River Net ( Fly Fishing DVD Documentary)
  188. vintage Fishing book : The Fisherman's Handbook
  189. vintage Fishing book : Fly Fishing California's Great Waters
  190. Fishers of Men Fly-Fishing Journal Book Document all your Angling Adventures
  191. Northern Pike Fishing, Secrets of the Pros, Catch More and Bigger Fish
  192. Don't Fish under the Dingleberry Tree by Robert H. Neill (1991, Hardcover)
  193. Jeff Putnam‚??s Fly Fishing Schools Successful Fly Fishing for the Beginner DVD
  194. At the Grave of the Unknown Fisherman - John Gierach Fly Fishing Book NEW !
  195. 4 fishing books 1975 fishing in america 1990 fishing tips and tricks plus 2 more
  196. The Complete Book of Western Hatches and Float Tube Magic Lot of 2
  197. Trout (Hardcover)
  198. STANDING IN A RIVER WAVING A STICK John Gierach Fly Fishing Book NEW Thanks
  199. Tie a Fly Catch a Trout by S.R. Slaymaker II- 1976 1st Edition
  200. Matching the Hatch- Schweibert 1955 1st Printing
  201. Fly Tying with Synthetics Phil Camera Patterns and Techniques ISBN 9781853103384
  202. DVD Bassmaster University Successful Presentation Techniques
  203. Salmon Flies- Their Character, Style, and Dressing by Poul Jorgensen
  204. Captain Johns Fishing Tackle Price Guide Book John A Kolbeck Russell E Lewis
  205. Fishing the Dry Fly as a Living Insect- Leonard M. Wright 1972
  206. Hunting Ducks and Geese by Edward C. Janes
  207. The Shooting Man's Bedside Book by B.B.
  208. The Art of the Decoy: American Bird Carvings
  209. The Book of Rifles W.H.B. Smith & Joseph Smith
  210. TYING and FISHING the FUZZY NYMPHS by Polly Rosbourough SIGNED/Inscribed
  211. Fly Fishing DVD Henry's Fork with Mike Lawson TLFS Tutorial Trout
  212. The Art of Hunting by Norman Strung 1st edition
  213. Grouse & Woodcock An Upland Hunter's Book - Nick Sisley
  214. Of Grouse and Things by Marck D. Dilts 1st Edition
  215. MEANDERINGS of a FLY FISHERMAN by Seth Norman (Wilderness Adventure Press S/N
  216. FLY PATTERNS of ALASKA by The Alaska Flyfishers 1983 spiral bound book color
  217. Basic Fly Tying - Set of 2 with Marvin Nolte - DVD
  218. Fly Fishing DVD Advanced Streamer Fishing Kelly Galloup
  219. Fly Tyting DVD Articulated Streamers with Kelly Galloup TLFS Trout Flies
  220. Vintage Fly Fishing book, 1945, great trout humor and cartoons
  221. Wide Open Bite VHS Video Deep Sea Fishing Bluefin YellowtailTuna Wahoo Dorado
  222. Fly Fishing DVD Streamers on Steroids Kelly Galloup TLFS Trout Flies
  223. Soft Bait Bass: A Soft Touch for Hard Condition (DVD) Usually ships in 12 hrs!!!
  224. Fly Fishing for Bluewater Gamefish with Trey Combs - Mexico Saltwater - DVD
  225. In-Fisherman Finesse Bass Tactics DVD Cold Water Strategies Outfoors Fishing
  226. Tying European Nymphs Patterns for Success by Steve Parrott / 3 Hour 40 Min DVD
  227. Death of a Riverkeeper Ernest Schwiebert 1st Edition VG
  228. Vintage 1954 Guide for Sport Fishermen book - Eastern Fresh Water Annual Nice!
  229. Anglers Xperience Drop-Shot Secrets Revealed Instructional 2 Disk DVD
  230. Fishing Basics the Complete Illustrated Guide by Gene Kugach Paperback Book (Eng
  231. Fly fishing made easy - beginners instructional dvd by scientific anglers
  232. Fresh-Water Fisherman's Bible Revised Edition Vald Evanoff 1980 Illustrated
  233. Tale Tales and Short by Edmond Ware Smith Ltd Ed Exc
  234. Tying Spey Flies with Gerald G. Bartsch ( Fly Tying Tutorial DVD)
  235. The Pickering Collection HG Pickering Lt Edition Superb
  236. Fishing in southern california the complete guide ken albert 1999 edition 2000
  237. Vintage A Wedding Gift A Fishing Story by John Taintor Foote 1934
  238. Fly fishing the florida keys dvd
  239. Rio Modern Spey Casting DVD 240 Minutes/ DVD Video
  240. Marc Petit Jean Fly Tying Tool Set #1 GREAT NEW
  241. 1965, mcclane's standard fishing encyclopedia hardback with dust cover
  242. Basic Fishing Lure Carving Painting book How-to Guide
  243. Fishing Beyond Basic Fly Tying Book and DVD NEW
  244. Lot of 10 gray's sporting journal issue 1 all the fly fishing book 1992 - 1998 +
  245. Book: "LEAPER" ISBN 1-903296-52-8
  247. Sportsman's Best DVD Largemouth Bass
  248. Shaun morey incredible fishing stories pb
  249. Vintage Penn Fishing Reel Collector's Companion 1932-1957 ID & Prices
  250. Vintage Fishing Reel ID$$ Book Conroy Milam Mills Meek