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  1. 1964 - outdoor life fishing book - pages: 80
  2. Modern Fresh & Saltwater Fly Fishing by Charles R. Waterman 1972 1st ed.
  3. FRENCH FISHING FLIES by Jean- Paul Pequegnot
  4. The Digest Book of Fresh Water Fishing by Bob Zwirz - Fast Free Shipping
  5. FLY FISHER'S Guide to SALTWATER NATURALS by George Roberts
  6. The Trout And The Fly A New Approach Signed John Goddard Paperback
  7. Essential Skills - Vol 4 WET FLY FISHING ON RIVERS by Oliver Edwards DVD
  8. Days Off by Henry Van Dyke 1907 Very Good - Great Art in Book
  9. Fly Crafter Patterns & Techniques 4 with Dennis Potter - Fly Tying DVD
  10. Fred arbogast antique fishing lure value guide collector's book
  11. Freshwater Fishing Top 100 Fishing Tips DVD NEW
  12. Skagit Master Volume 3 Steelhead Flies Beyond the Books by Jeff Mishler - FF DVD
  14. Fishing as a Beginner instruction dvd video Trout and Bass
  15. Streamers On Steroids with Kelly Galloup ( 1-3/4 Hour Tutorial Fly Tying DVD)
  16. Panfish Crappie Fishing Strategies Lures Electronics Locations 4 DVD Lot NEW
  17. Asst. Hard & soft cover fishing books, 1964 to 2003. Great books! See pictures!
  18. Canadian Sport Fishing Italo Labignan's Why Fish Strike DVD
  19. Vintage American Fishing Rod Makers 1800s & Up Guide
  20. Catch Magazine Season 5 (Fly Fishing Adventure DVD)
  21. The Lost World of Mr. Hardy by Andy Heathcote / 1-1/2 Hour Fly Fishing Movie DVD
  22. Classic Vintage Fishing Lures, Tackle Gear - Historical Colorful Collector Guide
  23. Old Fishing Lures Encyclopedia Vol 17 Collector Ref 1875-Up w/ Patents, History
  24. The Fireside Book Of Fishing 1959 1st printing
  25. Harrop Family Ties - A Fly Tying Film by René Harrop ( 1-1/2 Hour Tutorial DVD)
  26. NYMPHING STRATEGIES by Pat Dorsey ( Fly fishing / tying Tutorial DVD)
  27. Selectivity Trout â?? The Theory & Method of Fly Fishing for Fussy Trout - DVD
  28. Joan Wulff's NEW Fly-Casting Techniques
  29. Book: Fishing: The Fisherman's Handbook Of Trout Flies
  30. Salt water fishing tactics
  31. Inshore Flats Patterns with Oscar Feliu New Hooked on Fly Tying DVD
  32. Fish & Fishing 80 species fresh water book vintage 1963 better homes gardens
  33. FISHIN' AROUND by Burton Spiller
  34. LITTLE RIVERS by Margot Gage
  35. FLY ROD TROUTING by Ed Shenk
  36. Old Fishing Lures Encyclopedia Vol 9 Collector Ref 1875-Up w/ Patents, History
  37. Old Fishing Lures Encyclopedia Vol 14 Collector Ref 1875-Up w/ Patents, History
  38. Fly Tying Tools You Can Build - Fly Fishing Enthusiast Series
  39. ADVANCED FLY FISHING by Eugene Burns
  40. Antique Peetz Reels Book Salmon Fishing Brentwood Gear
  41. BASS Ultimate Bass Fishing Library - Guide to Soft Plastic Lures
  42. Ultimate Bass Fishing Library - THE SERIES A Photographic Look at the Inaugural
  43. Ultimate Bass Fishing Library - Bass Use the Secrets of the Pros to Catch More
  44. BASS Ultimate Bass Fishing Library - Live Bait Fishing A Multi Species Guide
  45. Guide to Worms and Lizards - Ultimate Bass Fishing Library - 2004
  46. The Freshwater Angler Advanced Bass Fishing Sterberg Moynagh 1995
  47. Fly-Rodding for Bass A.D. Livingston 1st Ed. J. B. Lippincott. 1976
  48. Joan Wulff's Dynamics of Fly Casting DVD
  49. Fishing Salmon Coast To Coast, George Gruenefeld Bill Hilts Jr Milt Keizer 1991
  50. Meeting & Fishing the Hatches Charles Meck 1st Edition. 1977. Winchester Press
  51. The Trout & the Stream Charles E. Brooks 1974 1st Exc
  52. 1912 Fish and game Commissioners Report Book ultra rare Silas R Morse ..Signed,
  53. 1947 - TROUT by Ray Bergman - HC - Finest Fishing Book Ever Written !
  54. Fishing Western New York (Regional Fishing Series), Rybaak, Spider,
  55. BASS Ultimate Bass Fishing Library - Advanced Bass Fishing Skills
  56. BASS Ultimate Bass Fishing Library - Seasonal Patterns for Catching Bass
  57. BASS Ultimate Bass Fishing Library - Fishing Bass Cover and Structure
  58. Steelhead Fly Fishing and Flies by Combs, Trey Hard To Find Fly Fishing Book
  59. FISH FLIES Volume Two by Terry Hellekson. Used in Excellent condition.
  60. Vintage Sweden Fishing Reel Collector Reference Abu Garcia Ambassadeur
  61. Catch Big Bass Consistently By Charles Robbins
  62. Old Fishing Lures Encyclopedia Vol 2 Collector Ref 1875-Up w/ Patents, History
  63. Flex Coat Professional Rod Building Supplies: Step by Step Rod Building
  64. Bogdan Biography Book Fly Fishing Reel Atlantic Salmon
  65. JUST BIG MUSKIES Volume 2 "Just Mille Lacs"
  66. Old Fishing Lures Encyclopedia Vol 15 Collector Ref 1875-Up w/ Patents, History
  67. Old Fishing Lures Encyclopedia Vol 3 Collector Ref 1875-Up w/ Patents, History
  68. Old Fishing Lures Encyclopedia Vol 10 Collector Ref 1875-Up w/ Patents, History
  69. Molix fishing dvd "fishing for fun"
  70. Master's Guide to Building a Bamboo Fly Rod by Garrison Principles Methods 296pg
  71. Awesome Bass Fishing Hooked Up Topwater Jig DVD NEW
  72. Profiles in Saltwater Angling - George Reiger
  73. Bass - Robert Boyle - 1980
  74. Babe Winkelman Panfish Secrets Crappie Strategies 2 Films 1 DVD
  75. Lindner Muskie Fishing Musky Proven Patterns Topwater Pressured Clarity DVD NEW
  76. Handcrafting Bamboo Fly Rods Wayne Cattanach - 2000, First Edition
  77. BOOK : GUIDE FLIES How to Tie & Fish the Killer Flies (fishing hooks, lure ....
  78. Giant Pike Fishing Volumes 1 & 2 Bob Mehsikomer DVD NEW
  79. Lindner Muskie Fishing Musky Logic - DVD NEW
  80. Top of the Line Antique Fishing Collectibles Guide incl Lures, Decoys, Ice Equip
  81. Vintage Folk Art Fishing Lures & Tackle Collector ID Guide 1920s - 1930s era
  82. How to making edo wazao rod build book's
  83. Spring Creeks By Mike Lawson Fly Fishing Book Autographed Fly Fishing Book
  84. Make your own Fishing Lures, by Vlad Evanoff
  85. RedHead Legends and Longbeards 2003 DVD Walter Parrott Jerry Martin Dale Rohm
  86. Chesapeake Bay Fisheries: Collecting Tools & Traditions
  87. In Fisherman Handbook of Secrets Lot of 6 - 1 Double, Bonus Crappie Book
  88. STEELHEAD FLY FISHING and FLIES by Trey Combs - Signed
  89. Fishing Tackle and Techniques by Dick Wolff Vintage 1963 Paperback Booklet
  90. Tying Streamers & Bucktails in the Catskill Tradition, Vol 3 by Bert Darrow DVD
  91. Catch Fish With Maps Discover The Secret Of The Experts By Robert Knops
  92. McClane's New Standard Fishing Encyclopedia
  93. 1925 edition "practical dry fly fishing" book emlyn gill, publ. Charles scribner
  94. 2 dvd videos, in fisherman, walleyes in overdrive & primetime walleye strategies
  95. Trophy Sunfish Tactics New Sealed DVD
  96. Vintage "trout lore" book milton fox martin first edition 1942 very good
  97. 1972 - Fishing With Lee Wulff HC Edited by Edward C. Janes
  98. Flw forrest wood cup lake murray dvd columbia,sc august 14-17 , 2014
  99. book fresh water aquarim fishes
  100. Biot Series with Bill Heckel - New Hooked on Fly Tying Series DVD
  102. Common Ocean Fishes Of The California Coast 1953 Marine Fisheries Bulletin No 91
  103. Lindner Walleye Fishing Precision Techniques DVD NEW
  104. A VIEW FROM RAT LAKE by John Gierach
  105. Through The Fish's Eye by Mark Sosin & John Clark(1973, hardback)
  106. FISHING YELLOWSTONE HATCHES by John Juracek and Craig Mathews
  107. Tips for Tying Better Classic Atlantic Salmon Flies, Stack Scoville - DVD
  108. 1996 Secrets of the Saltwater Fly f-stop Fitzgerald
  109. 1931 weber fly casting instructon book: Weber lifelike fly co. Stevens point wis
  110. The Fishes of Ohio by Milton B. Trautman 1981 (hardback edition)
  111. Lindner Fishing Crappie Logic Spring Fall Ice Strategies Panfish DVD NEW
  112. The Essence of Flycasting by Mel Krieger, lst Edition Hardback, 2nd Printing
  113. Orvis Fly Fishing Guide
  114. Katz's Book Southeastern Wisconsin Fishing Holes
  115. Montana River Maps And Fishing Guide
  116. 161 Fishing Books on DVD, Fly Fishing Angler Fish Boat Catch Angling How to
  117. Washington River Maps And Fishing Guide
  118. lot of 7 small fishing books dictionary for constant anglers lefty Kreh
  119. How To Fish from Top To Bottom Gordon sport fly fishing Trout Bass Pike Muskies
  120. Lindner Primetime Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tactics DVD NEW
  121. Bonefish A Fishing Odyssey Charles Rangeley Wilson ( Fly Fishing Adventure DVD)
  122. Spinning Deer Hair with Chris Helm - Hooked on Fly Tying (Tutorial DVD)
  123. Salmon Fishing The Greased Line on Dee, Don and Earn 1st addition
  124. Leonard The Complete Fly-Fishers Handbook By Malcolm Greenhalgh
  125. BUD LILLYS Guide to Fly Fishing the New West by "Bud" and Paul Schullery
  126. Fishing Lures: Make Craft Plugs Spinners Spoons Jigs & Tackle - Trout, Bass Etc
  127. Czech Nymphing Master Class Fly Fishing DVD by Steve Parrot
  128. Fishing with Ray Bergman
  129. Trout by Ray Bergman
  130. Jim Conway's Fishing Holes 1st addition
  131. In-Fisherman Fishing Fundamentals DVD *New in Opened Case
  132. Fresh Water Fishing by Larry Koller
  133. WINCHESTER FISHING TACKLE Collector's Guide by Phil White - 1st Editi
  134. The BOOK of FLY PATTERNS by Eric Leiser
  135. Every Angler's Guide To Amazing Lures & Files
  136. Tying Better Flies
  137. JUST BIG MUSKIES Volume 3 "Just the Shield"
  138. DVD Practical Fly Patterns that Catch Trout #1 WDVD4319
  139. DVD Practical Fly Patterns that Catch Trout #2 WDVD4329
  140. Field Guide to Fly Fishing Dennis Bitton
  141. The Trout & the Stream Charles E. Brooks 1974 1st Edition, signed
  142. Fly Casting for Novice and Expert-by Jones-Outdoor Life Co.-1923-(fly fishing)
  143. TROUT FLY RECOGNITION by John Goddard
  144. In-Fisherman Master Angler Series DVDS~ 4 DVDS ~ FREE SHIPPING
  145. Tacoma Tackle salmon plugs spoons flies collectors free shipping in USA
  146. Smallmouth Bass The Hunting & Fishing Library
  147. Where To Fish In Kenya 1976 Fishing Booklet Africa Kingfisher
  148. The pleasures of fly fishing book by v. S. Hidy
  149. Catching more flounder / fluke
  150. Fish & dive the caribbean - vol.1
  151. Saltwater fishing by robert anderson
  152. Why Fly Fishing with Joan Wulff, Flip Pallot and more - Fly Fishing DVD
  153. Breakthrough Bassin' / Hardbait for Bass - NEW DVD with the In-Fisherman Staff
  154. Dell books fresh water fishing, copyright 1949 by arthur h. Carhart
  155. The Seasonable Angler By Nick Lyons- Signed
  156. !st Edition, #119, George W. Harvey signed Fly Fishing Book, Hardback Box Cover
  157. Anglers Guide Book 1825 on CD Fishing fish
  158. Raising Trout Book CD 1873 fish
  159. Index Of Orvis Fly Patterns 1978 - Tying Flies Fishing Book How To
  160. Inshore fly fishing by lou tabory
  161. LOT 2 books Fish Michigan 50 More Rivers by Tom Huggler FISHING Trout Salmon
  162. Fly Patterns of Umpqua Feather Merchants by Randall Kaufmann Fly Fishing
  163. An outdoor life book fly fishing by tom mcnally, third printing 1981
  164. LEFTY KREH FLY FISHING 50 Years Behind the Vise - DVD
  165. Lefty kreh fly fishing tips, tactics & techniques dvd
  166. LEFTY KREH on FLY CASTING DVD -Grab Fishing Rod & Reel
  167. LESSONS WITH LEFTY KREH DVD - Grab Fishing Rod & Reel
  168. "The Soft-Hackled Fly Addict" Hard Back Book, Signed by Sylvester Nemes 1981
  169. Fishing Yellowstone Hatches, Hardback Book, John Juracek and Craig Mathews, 1992
  170. Signed Century End A Fly Tying Journey Paul Ptalis Softcover 2000
  171. LEFTY KREH CLOUSER FLY TYING flies that catch fish DVD
  172. vintage Fishing book : The Fisherman's Handbook
  173. 1962 Fishing Book: Field Manual of Kentucky Fishes William Clay KY Dept Wildlife
  174. Trout, Stream-Fishing Strategies by North American Fishing club. #445
  175. vintage Fishing book : Fly Fishing California's Great Waters
  176. Connect - The Movie by Confluence Films (Fly Fishing Adventure Movie DVD)
  177. How to Fly Fish Series: Rigging for Saltwater Fly Fishing with D L Goddard, DVD
  178. Skagit Master Volume 4 CRACKING THE CODE (2013)
  179. Wright Price Guide for Reel Man 900 Fishing Reels
  180. Nymphing By the Numbers Trout Fishing Details on 5 Different Ways DVD New
  181. Flyrod Lures Book Vintage Fly Fishing Heddon Pflueger
  182. Old Fishing Lures Encyclopedia Vol 16 Collector Ref 1875-Up w/ Patents, History
  183. Old Fishing Lures Encyclopedia Vol 19 Collector Ref 1875-Up w/ Patents, History
  184. Old Fishing Lures Encyclopedia Vol 5 Collector Ref 1875-Up w/ Patents, History
  185. Old Fishing Lures Collector Encyclopedia V4 Comprehensive Maker Histories
  186. Distance and Delicacy by Henrik Mortensen ( Fly Fishing Tutorial DVD)
  187. Mastering the Dead Drift Indicator Nymphing Simplified & Perfected Aaron Jasper
  188. Advanced Spey Casting, Configuring, Cutting Shooting Head & Skagit Belly Lines
  189. Fly Tying Basics - Hooked On Fly Tying with Dick Talleur ( 2 Hour Fly Tying DVD)
  190. FAVORITE FLIES - Hooked on Fly Tying - with Rene Harrop (Fly Tying Tutorial DVD)
  191. The Angler's Life Lawrence Irvine Fish Fishing Trout Sheehan Adirondack Fly
  192. Flyfisher's Guide to TEXAS - Lakes, Rivers, Parks, Maps, Cities, Private Waters
  193. Catch Fish Anywhere, Anytime - Bass, Salmon, Walleye, Catfish, Crappie, Perch
  194. MY FRIEND the TROUT......by Eugene Connett
  195. Panfishing by Richard Martin 1991 North American Fishing Club Illustrated
  196. HC/DJ Book - The Fishermen's Sourcebook by Bill Wisner 1983 fishing rare
  197. "bright rivers"-celebrations of rivers & fly fishing-softcover by nick lyons
  198. "mulberry trout"-by ogden bigelow-1970 2nd printing hardcover edition-usa
  199. A casting approach to flyfishing to catch fish, not just to cast / Humphreys DVD
  200. Dee Stripped Wing Flies by Harry Lemire ( Fly Tying Tutorial DVD)
  201. A Book of Trout Flies by Preston Jennings, Second Printing 1971
  202. Fly-Rodding for Bass by Livingston, 1976, 1st edition hardcover w/dust jacket
  203. Old Fishing Lures Encyclopedia Vol 18 Collector Ref 1875-Up w/ Patents, History
  204. Extreme Gone Wild Snowboarding Skateboarding Waterskiing Biking DVD NEW
  205. Warman's Fishing Lures Field Guide 2003 Values & ID Book
  206. Warman's Companion Collectible Fishing Lures 2008 Book
  207. A Simplified Course in Fly Tying George Harvey Paperback Book Green Edition 1970
  208. The HANDBOOK of FLY TYING Book Steelhead Trout Wet & Dry flies Wulff
  209. The Dry Fly New Anglers Gary LaFontaine signed rare first edition hard back
  210. Saltwater Flies by Kenneth E Bay 50 patterns instruction first edition
  211. Leonard, J Edson. Flies. Their origin, Natural History, etc Vintage new signed
  212. Lee Wulff on Flies . Very Good Condition.
  213. Warman's sporting collectibles identification and price guide beautiful book !
  214. Start to Finish Fly Rod Building Guide Book Fishing
  215. Caddisflies by Gary LaFontaine, 1981 Edition
  216. Western Trout Fly Tying Manual Vol 2 by Jack Dennis Signed/Fly Inlaid
  217. Vintage Antique 1968 Complete Book Of Freshwater Fishing From Outdoor Life
  218. A Season On The Edge By John Skinner
  219. The New Roland Martin's 101 Bass Catching Secrets Hard Back Book
  220. fishing book lot of 6
  221. A.K.'s Fly Box by A.K. Best first edition signed collectors very good condition
  222. Trout Fly-Fishing in America 1st Ed. 1915 by Charles Zibeon Southard Good
  223. Freshwater Fishing Secrets (HB Book, 1997) North American Fishing Club
  224. Minnesota's Best Lakes Fishing Maps Guide Book | 2016 - Sportsman's Connection
  225. Wisconsin's Best Lakes Fishing Maps Guide Book | 2016 - Sportsman's Connection
  226. The MUSKY HOOK by Peter Z Cohen
  227. Practical FISHING KNOTS, Understanding Knots, Fresh & Saltwater, Fly, Spinning
  229. Fishing Reels of South Bend Collector Reference Best Of Columns ORCA Reel News
  230. Rotaryhead Fishing Lures: Vintage & Modern Classics COLLECTOR REFERENCE
  232. FISHING BAMBOO by John Gierach SLIP CASE Edition (Signed by Author and artist)
  233. The View From Rat Lake S/N 36 of 250 by John Gierach SLIP CASE Edition(Signed)
  234. Catfishing DreamTeam DVD How To Catch BIG Catfish Video
  235. Advanced Bass Fishing-John Weiss 1976-First Edition
  236. Michigan's Best Lakes Fishing Maps Guide Book | 2016 - Sportsman's Connection
  237. In Search Of Grande - Fly Fishing For Giant Roosterfish
  238. 1972 Worming and Plugging for Bass by Homer Circle fishing book Garcia 8905 NM
  239. America's Fly Line book Silk Vintage Fishing Reel Fish
  240. Goodwin Granger Fishing Rods Collector Reference w/ Bamboo, Wright
  241. Smallmouth Bass by Dick Sternberg, The Hunting&Fishing Library (hardcover book)
  242. Old Flyrod Lures Second Edition Book
  243. Fly Fishermans Guide to Fishing With A Fly Rod
  244. Bassmaster Elite Series Ultimate Techniques DVD
  245. Spinnerbait Bassin' from Bassmaster Magazine vintage Fishing Book 1986 paperback
  246. Fishing with Joe Bucher "Smallies on Pro Finesse" DVD
  247. The Beginning Fly Tyer Instruction Book by Jim Bainbridge vg 1983
  248. Common Service Book
  249. Images in a Northern Estuary Saltwater Flyfishing Action -Fly Fishing Australia
  250. RARE 1954 SPORT FISHING Illustrated Catalog "Les PĂȘches Sportives" Rods Reels...