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  1. In-Fisherman DVD - Breakthrough BASSIN and HARDBAIT for Bass - 2 for 1 - NEW
  2. Reservoirs Ponds Pits Complete Anglers Library DVD North American Fishing Club
  3. 'the orvis fly-fishing guide' book by tom rosenbauer-large paperback
  4. The Complete Book of Fly Casting John Alden Knight 1963
  5. Ultimate Bass Fishing Library Book Advanced Bass Fishing Skills Best Lures
  6. 2 North American Fish Club Books Catch Fish Anywhere / Secrets of the Bass Pros
  7. Fishing flies ans Fly Tying By William F. Blades
  8. Walleye Tips And Tricks DVD Complete Anglers Library North American Fishing Club
  9. Old Fishing Lures Collector Encyclopedia V7 Comprehensive Maker Histories
  11. Fenwick Fishing Rods & History Collector Guide CD incl First Graphite, Prices
  12. 1972 Fishing the Midge by Ed Koch Joe Brooks Scarce Book
  13. 1968 1st Edition Succesful Trout Fishing By Richard Alden Knight
  14. vintage fishing books
  15. Backcountry Fly Fishing In Salt Water
  16. Raising Diplomats Armando Guedes Political Genealogical Administrative Training
  17. ANTIQUE FISHING TACKLE Silvio Calabi Color Illustrations hardback with DJ
  18. NEW BOOK By A Thread: A History Of Women And Fly Tying STEVENS - MARBURY - GREIG
  19. Western Angler 1st Printing 1939 Haig-Brown Classic Matching Numbers 944/950
  21. Old Fishing Lures Encyclopedia Vol 6 Collector Ref 1875-Up w/ Patents, History
  22. 1968 A NECKLACE OF RAINDROPS & OTHER STORIES Joan Aiken illustrated Pienkowski
  23. Casts That Catch Fish by Carl McNeil (Fly Casting Tutorial DVD)
  24. lot of 9 vintage fishing books spinfishing
  25. The Stacked Deer Hair Diver by Pat Cohen (Tutorial Fly Tying DVD)
  26. 250 Amazing Fishing Tips Bass Trout Panfish & More Book New 978-1-63220-302-1
  27. 4 DIF Trout Bible Northwest Fly Fishing Techniques Fly Tying Float Tube Book LOT
  28. GRITS GRESHAM - The Sportsman And His Family Outdoors (Paperback) 1969 - NM
  29. ART OF SPEY CASTING by Jeffrey Pill ( 3-1/2 Hour Tutorial DVD)
  30. Raising the Ghost Dry Fly Steelhead Fishing Like Never Seen Before by Fly Boys
  31. The Graphite Fly Rod: How to Build a Modern Classic Russ Gooding 3 hours/2 DVDs
  32. Shallow Water Angler Television Show DVD
  33. Dry Fly Delights of NEW ZEALAND Volume 1 (New Zealand Fly Fishing Movie/DVD)
  34. The Arctic Hunter by Bud Helmericks 1955 1st edition Good Condition
  35. A Discourse at Ammauskeeg Falls 1971 Limited reprint - of 1000 copies Excellent
  36. Cabelas 2 DVD set Tying John Barrs Favorite Flies Umpqua
  38. vintage Fishing book : Ten Best Western Fly Fishing Destinations
  39. Old Fishing Lures Encyclopedia Vol 12 Collector Ref 1875-Up w/ Patents, History
  40. Antique Fishing Lures Encyclopedia Vol 1 American Canada Makers w Patents Images
  41. Salt water fishing tactics
  42. Saltwater Fly Patterns Lefty Kreh
  43. Fly Fishing Demystified -The Comprehensive Beginner's Guide - TWO hour DVD - NEW
  44. Fishing Encyclopedia : Worldwide Angling Guide by Ken Schultz (1999, Hardcover)
  45. FISHING DVD Ultimate Fisherman Matt Watson fly bass boat Insane Catches Extreme
  46. Casting tackle and methods by o.w. Smith 1920 1st ed
  47. Muskie mania by ron schara 1977 1st ed
  48. Tying and fishing the thunder creek series by keith fulsher 1973
  49. Bait casting for the novice and the expert by sheridan r. Jones 1936
  50. Smallmouth Bass Fishing Strategies Tips Lindner Bucher Winkelman 4 DVD Lot NEW
  51. Perrault's Standard Dictionary Of Fishing Flies Fly Tying Flys
  52. The Sportsman"s Bookshelf Fishing Tackle And Gear 1950
  53. Fly Fishing Belize by Jim Klug - Hardcover Book - New
  54. Old Fishing Lures Encyclopedia Vol 8 Collector Ref 1875-Up w/ Patents, History
  55. Old Fishing Lures Encyclopedia Vol 13 Collector Ref 1875-Up w/ Patents, History
  56. Western Fly Tying manual revised Vol 1 Buy one and free book PHWFF wounded vet
  57. Rigging for Saltwater Fly Fishing by D. L. Goddard - How to Fly Fish Series DVD
  58. McClane's Standard Fishing Encylopedia and International Angling Guide 1965
  59. Trout Hunting- Frank Woolner
  60. Pair of Largemouth Bass Angler's Guide and Advanced Bass Fishing Skills Books
  61. McClane's Standard fishing Encyclopedia and International Angling Guide oversize
  62. Advanced Rod Building Techniques by Artie Hebert -Tutorial DVD
  63. Advanced Tactics For Emergers & Dries Rick Hafele/John Smeraglio 2 DVD set
  64. Karl white fishing tackle antique + collectable pre 1960 new values march 1995
  65. Bonefish school & billy pate's saltwater flycasting secrets
  66. Patagonian Silver by Mountain Media ( Argentina/Patagonia Trout Fly Fishing DVD)
  67. 1997-98 North American Fishing Club 8 Volume Set-hardcover & collectors series
  68. The complete book of fishing, 190 pages, 1987, many color pictures, 9 x 12 size
  69. In-Fisherman Big Fish Bonanza Master Angler Video Series
  70. Baits, rigs & tackle, vic dunaway, 224 pages, 1979, expanded edition, 5 chapters
  71. Fly Fishing the 41st. Around the World on 41st Parallel. 2003 hardcover. Prosek.
  72. Angler's guide to jigs & jigging, oberrecht, 335 pages, 1982, hard bound
  73. Roland martin's one hundred & one bass-catching secrets, 411 pages, hardbound
  74. Angler's guide to plug and bait casting, pfeiffer, 245 pages, 1985, softbound
  75. 3 vintage fishing book casting & more
  76. Lindner Catfish Fishing Catfish Wrangling DVD NEW
  77. Outdoor Life Complete Book of Fresh Water Fishing by P. Allen Parsons
  78. 1971 8th Anniversary Edition Fisherman‚??s Digest Mitchell 300 ambassadeur 5000C
  79. The american fisherman's fresh and salt water guide, sparano, 278 pages, 1976
  80. The tackle box fishing guide, philip barnard, 129 pages, 1981, 5.5 x 8 inch size
  81. The fly-fisherman's workshop, loring wilson,118 pages, 1979, building yourself
  82. How to rig and fish natural baits, dalrymple, 163 pages, 1976, soft bound
  83. New techniques for catching bottom fish, wilson & werff, 149 pages, 1977
  84. North American Fishing Club " Fresh Water Fishing Secrets " Hardcover Book
  85. North American Fishing Club " Catch Fish Anywhere, Anytime " Hardcover Book
  86. North American Fishing Club " Trout - Stream Fishing Strategies " Hardcover Book
  87. Sportsman's Best Fishing Book & DVD Combos-Surf, Offshore, Trout, Dolphin, Etc.
  88. Creative Fly Tying Fly Fishing How to Book Rex Gerlach Sports & Recreation 1974
  89. North American Fishing Club " How To Catch Large Mouth Bass " Hardcover Book
  90. North American Fishing Club " Bass Strategies " Hardcover Book
  91. North American Fishing Club " Walleye Secrets " Hardcover Book
  92. North American Fishing Club " Secrets of The Bass Pros " Hardcover Book
  93. North American Fishing Club " How To Catch Panfish " Hardcover Book
  94. Angler's Bible 1977, The World's Standard Fishing Reference Book
  95. Gary LaFontaine Trout Flies Proven Patterns Signed
  96. Steelhead Fishing Essentials Techniques & Equipment Tactics Trout DVD NEW
  98. Outdoor Life National Fishing Guide Paperback
  99. Vintage Guide To Fun In Wisconsin Recreation Information Where To Go Map Book
  100. THE STANDARD BOOK OF FISHING by Tuttle 532 pgs Vintage 1950 1st edition Rare
  101. The Wind on Your Cheek by William Schaldach
  102. Collection of Vintage Fishing, Hunting & Gaming Magazines Plus Bow Hunting Book
  103. Understanding & Fishing the Bamboo Fly Rod (Primer)
  104. The Bobwhite Quail Book Lamar Underwood 1981 Very Good Condition
  105. Russian Soviet Book Old Fishing Fish Tying Hook Tackle Spinning Hunting jig Army
  106. Captain John's Fishing Tackle Price Guide by Russell Lewis & John Kolbeck
  108. Float Fishing for Steelhead Tactics Rainbow Trout DVD NEW
  109. Adventure Bound Series Four Episodes 1-6 Fishing DVD BRAND NEW
  110. 20th Anniversary Fiberglass Graphite Fly Fishing Rods Guide w Makers
  113. 5x Bassmaster DVDs Series Jigs Crankbaits Techniques & More Fishing DVD
  114. An Arctic Rodeo by Daniel W. Streeter, 1929 Rare - Good Condition
  115. Vintage Fly Tying and Fishing 3 Book Lot Wright Bates Shaw Trout Angling
  116. Field, Cover, and Trap Shooting Adam H. Bogardus 1874 Good Condition Rare
  117. How to tie Jigs and Rigs for Bass, Walleye, Crappie fishing DVD
  118. Revised & enlarged fly-tying tips by dick stewart softcover 1993
  119. Penn Fishing Reels 1932-1957 Chronological History Collector Reference w Photos
  120. The Classic Wet Fly Fishing - Collector Reference - Abbey to Zulu plus 98 More
  121. Inshore Salt Water Fishing by Saltwater Sportsman Magazine, Hardcover 144 pages
  122. Lindner Panfish Fishing Finding Catching Trophy Panfish DVD NEW
  123. SIGNED 1st Edition Squaretail by Charles Kroll 1972 Eastern Brook Trout Fishing
  124. The Fishermans Companion by John Buckland
  125. used lure book/fishing
  126. Conquering Chironomids Volume 1 & 2 DVD Set with Phil Rowley & Brian Chan
  127. Digger - Portrait of a Bamboo Rod Maker by Francis Degere - DVD
  128. First Cast to Double Haul with Cathy Beck ( TWO Hour Fly Fishing DVD) - revised
  129. Tying and Fishing Dave Whitlock Originals Vol 1 Dave‚??s Hopper & Whit Hopper DVD
  131. Death of a Riverkeeper by E. Schwiebert 1st HC DJ Signed with Hand Drawn Fly
  132. The Fly Tyer's Handbook By H.G. Tapply. 1949
  133. In-Fisherman Finesse Bass Tactics, Bass Fishing DVD
  134. Freshwater Fishing Secrets Jay Michael Strangis 1990 Signed NAFC Book
  135. Precision trolling 8th edition the trollers bible fishing book
  136. Fishing with Ray Bergman
  137. Fly Fishing - Nonfiction Book
  138. Temperature Rising: Spring Steelheading DVD--BRAND NEW & SEALED--GREAT INFO!
  139. Kids Fishing Made Easy dvd
  140. Bassmaster Elite Series Ultimate Bass Fishing Techniques (DVD) 2013 Tour (NEW).
  141. King Crankin' DVD--hottest technique for Salmon--BRAND NEW & SEALED--GREAT INFO!
  142. Fly Crafter Patterns & Techniques 1 with Dennis Potter - Fly Tying DVD
  143. Fly Crafter Patterns & Techniques 2 with Dennis Potter - Fly Tying DVD
  144. Whitetail Journey: The Moment DVD--100% wild Whitetail hunting--BRAND NEW/SEALED
  145. Tying the SF Baby Merganser & the Hott Butt Toad by Pat Cohen Fly Tying DVD
  146. Vintage Fly Fishing Tying Book Eric Leiser 1981 Alfred Knopf
  147. The Hunting & Fishing Library "Freshwater Game Fish Of North America" Hardcover
  148. Webster's international dictionary w/reference history india paper edition
  149. Shooter's bible #79 from 1988
  150. Shooter's bible #81 from 1990
  151. The Hunting & Fishing Library "Fishing With Live Bait" Hardcover Book
  152. The Evolution Of Trout & Trout Fishing in America Southard1928 1st Ed H/C Illus.
  153. FLY PATTERNS of YELLOWSTONE by Craig Mathews/John Juracek(signed by both-FLIES)
  154. How to Build Graphite Fly Rods Step by Step by Artie Hebert -Tutorial DVD
  155. FISHING YELLOWSTONE HATCHES by Craig Mathews/John Juracek
  156. PICTURES, a PARK and a PULITZER by Mel Ruder
  157. Cast Alaska A Fly Fishing Movie As Epic as it's Location DVD BRAND NEW SHRINK!!
  158. The Hunting & Fishing Library "Small Mouth Bass" Hardcover Book
  159. Fly Fishing DVD Introduction To Fly Fishing with Terry and Wendy Gunn TLFS
  160. The Hunting & Fishing Library "Fishing With Live Bait 2" Hardcover Book
  161. Tony Bean's Smallmouth Guide book
  162. Bright Rivers by Nick Lyons
  163. FlyFishing Book: The Art of Tying the Dry Fly by Well known Tier Skip Morris,
  164. Pheasants Their Lives & Homes William Beebe Vol I Good
  165. Fly Fishing DVD Nymphing By The Numbers Kelly Galloup TLFS Trout Flies
  166. "THE DUNKELD COLLECTION of HARDY REELS & LURES" by Jess Miller - A Signed Copy.
  167. Fly Fishing DVD Midge Magic Fishing & Tying 2 DVD Set Davy Wotton TLFS Trout
  168. Fly Fishing DVD Wet Fly Ways Davy Wotton TLFS Trout
  169. Native TROUT of North America by Robert Smith *signed*
  170. Art flick's master fly tying guide
  171. LAKE FISHING WITH A FLY by Ron Cordes & Randall Kaufmann
  172. The ORIGINS of ANGLING by John McDonald *signed*
  173. The chronological history of penn reels--1932 to 1957--author signed softcover
  175. THE FISHING IN PRINT....Five Centuries of Angling Literature by Arnold Gingrich
  176. WALLEYE WISDOM by Lindner
  177. 30 Days to Better Fly Casting Book Fishing Gift New
  178. Tacklebox Library - 5 Book Set In Case - Outdoor Life - 1971
  179. FLY CASTING with LEFTY KREH *signed*
  180. Trout Fishing & Trout Flies Jim Quick Book 1957 Black White Illustrations Ethics
  181. Fly fishing Book Selective Trout Swisher Richards 1st Edition 2nd Printing
  182. Fly fishing Book Selective Trout Swisher Richards 1st Edition
  183. MAYFLIES An Anglers Study.... by M. Knopp and R. Cormier *signed*
  184. Angler's Cavalcade Eric Horsfall Turner d/j Fly Fishing Illustrated England RL
  186. RARE SIGNED "Tying Flies" With Jack Dennis and Friends (Spiral-bound) EXCELLENT
  187. AMERICAN NYMPH TYING MANUEL by Randall Kaufmann *signed*
  188. Small Ambassadeurs Legendary Light-Line Fishing Reels Large Collector Reference
  189. Walleye DVD Walleye 101 Trolling Tactics
  190. A PRACTICLE GUIDE TO FLY TYING by Bob Gerding *signed/numbered lmtd edition*
  191. Walleye DVD Walleye 101 - Vertical Jigging
  192. Salmon DVD King Salmon of the Great Lakes
  193. Crappie DVD Crappie 101 Spider Rigging
  194. Muskie DVD Muskie 101 Trolling Tactics
  195. Catfish DVD Winter Catfishing
  196. Catfish DVD Trophy Catfishing on the James River
  197. LEE WULFF 12/345 by Jack Samsn Signed by Author and Joan Wulff
  198. FLIES for BASS and PANFISH by Dick Stewart & Farrow Allen
  199. FLIES for SALTWATER by Dick Stewart & Farrow Allen
  200. "The Compleat Angler" 1926 edition + "Orvis Fishing Schools" enamel pin
  201. UNIVERSAL FLY TYING GUIDE by Dick Stewart *signed*
  202. FLY TYING Adventures in Fur, Feathers and Fun by John McKim *signed*
  204. FLIES for TROUT by Dick Stewart & Farrow Allen
  205. FLIES for STEELHEAD by Dick Stewart & Farrow Allen
  206. advanced bass fishing skills book
  207. FLIES for ATLANTIC SALMON by Dick Stewart & Farrow Allen *signed*
  208. 1939 first edition yellowstone fishes by james r simon book fishing
  209. 10 Fishing Books Angler McClane Wulff Brooks Cole
  210. 1953 Bait-Rod Casting - Techniques - Lures - Tackle by J. Edson Leonard
  211. Fran betters fishing the adirondacks book
  212. 13 Vintage Fishing Books Encyclopedia Treasury Stories Angler
  213. Limited Hardy‚??s Collectors‚?? Guide Book's
  214. Pike Fishing Strategies Lure Locations Trophy Patterns 4 DVD Lot NEW
  215. The Flyfishers Annual 2002 Edition Hardcover Volume Seven
  216. The Trout Fisherman's Bible, Dan Holland 1962
  219. FISHING DVD Primetime Walleye Strategies DVD Video NEW SEALED
  220. Fly Fishing & Bay Fishing Lance Wedlick - 1960s
  221. How to Centerpin DVD Floatfishing for Salmon and Trout
  222. Fisherman's Bible, 2nd Ed World's Most Comprehensive Angling Collector REFERENCE
  223. Rat Race by Dick Francis, Book Club Edition 1941, Very Good Condition
  224. 10 Best Fishing Knots (Demo Card to Keep in Tackle Box) Fly Fresh or Salt Water
  225. Set Japan Fishing DVD SHIMANO Jackall Imakatsu Largemouth Bass Master Classic
  226. HERE COMES SOMEBODY by Ben Hur Lampman
  227. MANAGING MUSKIES; American Fisheries Society Publication 15
  228. Walleye Fishing Giant Walleyes Live Bait Babe Winkelman DVD NEW
  229. Bass Fishing Smallmouth Wisdom Babe Winkelman DVD NEW
  230. Bass Fishing Classic Patterns for Summer Jason Quinn DVD NEW
  231. Giant Pike Fishing Lures and Techniques Volumes 1 & 2 Bob Mehsikomer DVD NEW
  232. Lindner Fishing Finding Big Fish Bass Walleye Musky Catfish Salmon DVD NEW
  233. Northern Pike Fishing Lures Locations Different Conditions 2 Films 1 DVD NEW
  234. Bass Fishing Why Fish Strike Pike Bass Walleye DVD NEW
  235. Bass Fishing Deadliest Secrets Babe Winkelman Locate Finesse Topwater DVD NEW
  236. AT THE END OF THE CAR LINE by Ben Hur Lampman *** Signed ******
  237. Ducks Decoys and How to Rig Them Ralf Coykendall 1955 Excellent Condition
  238. Strike King Bass Fishing Topwater Cover V4 DVD NEW
  239. MUSKIES SUCK! by Pete Manina- signed
  240. "MULBERRY TROUT"-BY OGDEN BIGELOW-1969 1st hardcover edition
  241. PIKE on a FLY by Berry Reynolds & John Berryman
  242. The SPORTSMAN'S BOOKSHELF Vol. 15 "MUSKY FISHING" by Robert Page Lincoln
  243. Pro Tactics Muskie Fishing Pros Secrets to Catch More & Bigger Muskies Book NEW
  244. Fishing Lake Erie in a Small Boat Bass Islands Walleye collection of old footage
  245. FISHING TIPS by Cal Johnson (Johnson Outboard Motors)
  246. 1964 - outdoor life fishing book - pages: 80
  247. Modern Fresh & Saltwater Fly Fishing by Charles R. Waterman 1972 1st ed.
  248. FRENCH FISHING FLIES by Jean- Paul Pequegnot
  249. The Digest Book of Fresh Water Fishing by Bob Zwirz - Fast Free Shipping
  250. FLY FISHER'S Guide to SALTWATER NATURALS by George Roberts