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  1. Night Fishing for Trout L. James Bashline 1973 DJ excellent condition!!
  2. Crappie, Hi-Tech Crappie Trolling DVD
  3. Fishing as a Beginner instruction dvd video Trout and Bass
  4. Fly Tying Tools You Can Build - Fly Fishing Enthusiast Series
  5. Old Fishing Lures Encyclopedia Vol 9 Collector Ref 1875-Up w/ Patents, History
  6. Vintage Creek Chub Lures Collector Guide: Fishing, Fly Rod type Shur-Strike More
  7. Vintage Skeleton Raised Pillar Fly Reel Collector Guide
  8. A guide to florida salt water fishes by bob bender --1975
  9. fly fishing book lot
  10. Penn Fishing Reels 1932-1957 Chronological History Collector Reference w Photos
  11. Vintage Penn Fishing Reel Collector's Companion 1932-1957 ID & Prices
  12. FLYFISHER'S GUIDE TO IDAHO Ken Retallic Rocky Barker Wilderness Adventure Press
  14. Fifty Favorite Fly Fishing Tales
  15. Old Fishing Lures Encyclopedia Vol 10 Collector Ref 1875-Up w/ Patents, History
  16. Old Fishing Lures Encyclopedia Vol 2 Collector Ref 1875-Up w/ Patents, History
  17. Flyrod Lures Book Vintage Fly Fishing Heddon Pflueger
  18. Old Fishing Lures Encyclopedia Vol 15 Collector Ref 1875-Up w/ Patents, History
  19. Old Fishing Lures Encyclopedia Vol 3 Collector Ref 1875-Up w/ Patents, History
  20. Muskie & Muskie Fishing Book C H Shook144 pages of Musky catching information
  21. A Saga of Duck and Goose Hunting by Walter Bush
  22. Catch Fish Anywhere, Anytime North American Fishing Club Hardcover Book
  23. Salt Water Fishing Tackle Book, Harlan Majors, 1st edition, 1939
  24. Master's Guide to Building a Bamboo Fly Rod by Garrison Principles Methods 296pg
  25. Preparing Fish & Wild Game North American Fishing Club Hardcover Book
  26. Vintage Folk Art Fishing Lures & Tackle Collector ID Guide 1920s - 1930s era
  27. Chesapeake Bay Fisheries: Collecting Tools & Traditions
  28. Top of the Line Antique Fishing Collectibles Guide incl Lures, Decoys, Ice Equip
  29. Advanced bass fishing skills: Best lures, techniques and presentations
  30. Sandy Romashko 1975 "The Sport Fisherman's Handbook
  31. North American Fishing Club Hardcover Book Secrets of the Bass Pros
  32. Kayak Fishing GAME ON I & II DVD Set With Jim Sammons
  33. Advanced Rod Building Techniques by Artie Hebert -Tutorial DVD
  34. Custom Rod Building with Doc Ski - Inside Sportfishing Rod Building DVD Video
  35. Perfect Crosswraps by Rooster Custom Rods
  36. DVD - The Complete Rod Repair Video
  37. fishing tips & tricks the hunting fishing library book 1990 hardcover Christmas
  38. Badges Bears & Eagles - True Life Adventures of a California Fish & Game Warden
  39. Book: Noll Guide To Trout Flies And How To Tie Them (48 Pages) Color
  40. 1973 Dan Bailey's Flies tying Book Dan Bailey
  41. In-Fisherman Panfish Patterns DVD
  43. Rio Modern Spey Casting DVD 240 Minutes/ DVD Video Fly Fishing DVD Free Shipping
  44. Poul Jorgensen's Modern Trout Flies and how to tie them - Signed HC/DJ
  45. Vintage Fly Tyer Pattern Bible 672 Flies In Full Color 1985 Hard To Find
  47. Catfishing Strategies - Noodlin' Cats, Catfish Rigs, Flatheads, Blues, Channel
  48. BASS BOSS - The Inspiring Story of Ray Scott and the Sport Fishing He Created
  49. Precision Trolling "The Troller's Bible" (Discontinued)
  50. Handcrafting Bamboo Fly Rods by Wayne Cattanach, HBDJ, NR
  51. Tying & Fishing Bucktails by Mike Valla, 1st Edition, Signed, Fly Tying, NR
  52. book: FISHING TACKLE DIGEST, 1st Annual Edition, 1946
  53. book: Antique & Collectible FISHING RODS id & value guide, D. B. Homel, 2000
  54. Rapala Pro Bass Tactics DVD, Volume 1
  55. Trout fishing & tying book
  56. Blues - John Hersey - First Edition - Nice Copy!
  57. VINTAGE 1980- THE MASTER FLY WEAVER by George F Grant #1181 Fly Tying Book HTF
  58. Skagit Master Volume 4 CRACKING THE CODE Fly Tying 2 DVD SET 2 Hours BRAND NEW
  59. Helen Shaw Vintage Book On Fly Tying With Dust Cover. Book Is Excellent
  60. Fly Fishing Mayflies the Angler and the Trout by Fred Arbona Jr.
  61. Vintage 1970 Tom McNally's Fishermen's Bible 320pg Softbound Follett Book
  62. BK26- FISHING BASICS The Complete ILLUSTRATED Guide - 1992 first edition
  63. 3 vintage fishing book casting & more
  64. "19th CENTURY FISHING LURES"- Hardcover Book by Arlan Carter
  65. lot Of 4 Differents DVD In-Fisherman WALLEYE, 2 Books Secrets Series
  66. lot of 3 Different Books The In-Fisherman Secrets Series,DVD Ice Fishing
  67. BK27- World Record Game Fishes 1979 edition fresh and saltwater records fly rod
  68. Fishing Tips and Tricks, Guide Tested Tips for Catching Bigger Fish
  69. 3 Fishing Bks--Vintage Tackle Catalogs, How to Cast Flies & Fly Fisher Reader
  70. Fishing 6 Book Lot
  71. Western Steelhead Fishing Guide, Milt Keizer (New)
  72. Fishing for Catfish, The Complete Guide
  73. STEELHEAD FLY TYING MANUAL by Tom light & Neal Humphrey~Amato Publications 1985
  75. South Bend Vintage Wood Fishing Lures Ref Book Tackle
  76. Tying Dry Flies in the Catskill Tradition Vol 1 David Brandt Fly Tying DVD
  77. Hooked on Fly Tying Classic Dry Flies #1 & #2 with Dick Talleur - TWO DVDs
  78. Vintage: A Modern Dry Fly Code by Vincent Marinaro (1974, HC)
  79. Washington River Maps And Fishing Guide
  80. How to Make and Mend Cast Nets
  81. Orvis Fly Fishing Guide
  82. Montana River Maps And Fishing Guide
  83. "a fly fisherman's blue ridge"-by christopher camuto-hard cover 1st edition!
  84. "salt water flies"- by kenneth e. Bay-1972 first edition!
  85. Old Fishing Lures Collector Encyclopedia V4 Comprehensive Maker Histories
  86. Freshwater fishing 7 pc plus 128 page book
  87. Wright Price Guide for Reel Man 900 Fishing Reels
  88. 1977 Fishermen's Digest Book by Erwin Bauer LOADED w/PICTURES - Vintage
  89. Captain Pete Barrett Fishing for Tuna, Fishing for Sharks, 2 books
  90. Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass, Harry Miller
  92. Old Fishing Lures Encyclopedia Vol 5 Collector Ref 1875-Up w/ Patents, History
  93. Old Fishing Lures Encyclopedia Vol 19 Collector Ref 1875-Up w/ Patents, History
  95. Catching more flounder / fluke
  96. Salmon Fishing in Lake Michigan Book Mil C. Tim Company Scottville 1968
  97. Fly-Tying Materials by Eric Leiser (1973, Paperback) Revised/Augmented Edition
  98. Old Fishing Lures Encyclopedia Vol 18 Collector Ref 1875-Up w/ Patents, History
  99. In Fisherman DVD Pike Tactics & Summer Pike Patterns
  100. Lot of 8 Ultimate Bass Fishing Library - Trophy Bass Fishing Skills - FOLLOT
  101. The Handbook of Fly Tying by Peter Gathercole (1990 softcover) Fly Fishing Book
  102. COME WADE THE RIVER by Ralph Wahl (excerps from "A River Never Sleeps" signed
  103. The Orvis Story Rare Hard To Find Fly Fishing Book #104/300 Autographed New
  104. In-Fisherman 21st Century Walleye Finesse Factors ~ DVD ~ New
  105. Fishing Reels of South Bend Collector Reference Best Of Columns ORCA Reel News
  106. Rotaryhead Fishing Lures: Vintage & Modern Classics COLLECTOR REFERENCE
  107. VTG 1960 Fly Fishing Book FLIES J Edson Leonard 2200 Patterns Trout Streams HCDJ
  108. fisherman's winter by Roderick Haig-Brown 1954
  109. 8 Fishing Books Sportsman Bass Trout Fly America's Favorite Secrets Made Easy
  110. North American Fishing Club (2 Books) Largemouth Bass & Fishing Secrets
  111. America's Fly Line book Silk Vintage Fishing Reel Fish
  112. Goodwin Granger Fishing Rods Collector Reference w/ Bamboo, Wright
  114. Tying flies with jack dennis and friends softcover 1993 signed first printing
  115. #720. The Calculating Fisherman, November 1976
  116. Fishing with Joe Bucher "Smallies on Pro Finesse" DVD
  117. The Fly Tyer's Handbook By H.G. Tapply. 1949
  118. Fred Arbogast Jitterbug Vintage Fishing Lures Collector ID Guide w Prices
  119. Fourth Edition SALTWATER FISHING IN CALIFORNIA Large Softcover SEE PHOTOS Kovach
  120. In-Fisherman Crappie Patterns In Play DVD NEW SEALED 1DIFPCC
  121. Bass an in fisherman handbook of strategies 1981 Al Lindner fish rare vintage
  122. To Rise A Trout by John Roberts - NEW- FlyFishing
  123. At the Grave of the Unknown Fisherman - John Gierach Fly Fishing Book NEW !
  124. Karl White Vol. 3 Antique Fishing Tackle Flyrod Baits
  125. Karl White Antique Fishing Tackle & Lures 3 Volume Set
  126. Pre-1970 Antique Fishing Reels Tackle & Lures $ID Guide
  127. DVD Bassmaster Ultimate Tips & Techniques Series Successful Presentation Tech
  128. Fishing Made Easy DVD Kids The Basics & Beyond!
  130. Fling & Puterbaugh - FLY FISHERMAN'S PRIMER - Fishing Book
  131. "Ultimate Techniques" Bassmaster Elite Series DVD Bass Champions Lure Selection
  132. (3) Rapala Pro Bass Tactics Fishing DVD Volume 1,2, and 3 Set
  133. Common Service Book
  134. STANDING IN A RIVER WAVING A STICK John Gierach Fly Fishing Book NEW Thanks
  135. TROUT Complete Guide to Catching Trout with Flies Artificial Lures Bait Book NEW
  137. Complete Book of Fishing Tackle Making Pfeiffer 351 Pages - Used
  138. The Ultimate Fishing Book: Strategies for Success by North American Fishing Club
  139. The Bass Fisherman‚??s Bible by Erwin A. Bauer ‚?? Book ‚?? 1961 First Edition
  140. Successful Bonefish Patterns with Chris Helm New Hooked on Fly Tying Series DVD
  141. Modern "FISHING LURE" Collectibles. Volume 2 - With Id & Price Guide.
  142. FILLETING FRESHWATER Instructional Fish Fillet Capt Vince Russo Fishing DVD NEW
  143. Catching Muskellunge - A Practical Guide - Muskie / Musky Fishing Book
  144. TACTICS on TROUT by Ray Orvington
  145. BIBLIOTHECA PISCATORIA by T. Westwood & T. Satchell
  146. Fishing Guide for Essex County / Pt.Pelee ./ Lake Erie / St. Clair Detroit River
  147. Book - Rare and Unusual Fly Tying Materials : A Natural History Vol. 2
  148. Trout Fisherman's Digest, edited by David Richey, PB Good Condition,1976
  149. The Bass Fisherman‚??s Bible by Erwin A. Bauer ‚?? Book ‚?? 1980 Revised Edition
  150. FLY TYER's PRIMER 1986 hard cover dust jacket book 165 pages See TOC R.Talleur
  151. A Compendium of Canadian Fly Patterns (Hardcover)
  152. Books Collecton of vintage fishing books, Bass, Trout, and Bounty
  153. In Fisherman Dvd Bass in the Grass
  154. In Fisherman Bass Location Secrets
  155. In Fisherman "in Search Of Smallmouth Bass"
  156. Trout Fishing And Trout Flies
  157. Lindner's Angling Edge "finding River Fish"
  158. Bass masters Winning Ways DVD
  159. DVD In Fisherman
  160. Mudhole "custom rod building 101" dvd
  161. 1947 Art Flick's Streamside Guide Fly Fishing Book Putnam Hardcover Dust Jacket
  162. River Smallmouth winter patterns dvd Fishing smallmouth bass
  163. 2003 Art of Angling Journal Vol 2, Issue 1 no damage or rips
  164. Smallmouth Strategies by North American Fishing Club 1990, HC Book NAFC
  165. 365 TROUT FLIES Fly Fishing Book New HARDCOVER! No Reserve! Rod Reel Vest Waders
  166. mastering largemouth bass book hardback
  167. Garden design,a season by season guide to tasks book
  168. The Freshwater Angler Advanced Bass Fishing Sterberg Moynagh 1995
  169. BASS Ultimate Bass Fishing Library - Fishing Bass Cover and Structure
  170. Designing Trout Flies Gary Borger Tomorrow River Press 1st Printing Signed 1991
  171. African Folktales Selected & Retold by Roger Abrahams 1983 book
  172. Basic Fishing Lure Carving Painting book How-to Guide
  173. used lure book/fishing
  175. Hooked on Fly Tying - Tube Fly Patterns & Techniques
  176. Bass Strategies - How Bass Attack, Bass Before The Spawn, Bass On Top, Deep Down
  177. The Art of Fly Tying - Understanding Fly Tying, Tools & Materials, Basics
  178. KNOTS - More than 50 Useful Knots for Camping, Sailing, Fishing
  179. Trout Stream-Fishing Strategies - Rainbow, Brown, Brook, Cutthroat, Golden, Bull
  180. Fishing For Catfish, Channel, Blues, Catfish, Cleaning & Cooking Catfish
  181. Freshwater Fishing Tip & Techniques - Fully Illustrated Guide, Bait, Rigging
  182. Sailors' Secrets - Advice From the Masters ~ Maintenance, Safety at Sea
  183. Intermedia Outdoors Sport Fish of Freshwater Book
  184. Fly Fishing For The Complete Idiot
  185. 'the orvis fly-fishing guide' book by tom rosenbauer-large paperback
  186. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Fly Fishing by Michael D. Shook (1999, E-book)
  187. fly fishing Boston
  188. fly fishing For The Clueless
  189. The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide by Tom Rosenbauer
  190. Challenge of the Trout by Gary LaFontaine
  191. Wyoming Fly Fishing Guide by Greg Thomas
  192. Stonefly and Caddis Fly Fishing by Leonard M. Wright
  193. NEW - The Compleat Surfcaster by C. Boyd Pfeiffer - Tackle Strategies Techniques
  194. FLY FISHING BASICS Fly-Fish Casting Knots Drift Boats Fisherman Fishing DVD
  195. Musky Country Zero 2 Hero by Robert Thompson ( Musky Fly Fishing DVD)
  196. Skagit Master 2 Steelheading Outside the Box Featuring Scott Howell - 2 hour DVD
  197. Tube Fly Patterns & Techniques - Hooked on Fly Tying with Dick Talleur - DVD
  198. vintage Fishing book : Fly Fishing California's Great Waters
  199. Lefty's Little Library of Fly Fishing books by legendary Lefty Kreh
  200. Casts That Catch Fish by Carl McNeil (Fly Casting Tutorial DVD) On The Fly Prod.
  201. The Art of Fly Tying by Claude Chartrand (1996, Paperback)
  202. The complete book of modern fly fishing larry solomon 1979 sc
  203. The Flytier's Companion by Mike Dawes - Paperback
  204. In-Fisherman FishinG DVD Video 200911D "FINESSE BASS TACTICS"
  205. Tackle Craft by C. Boyd Pfeiffer (1974 HC/DJ) Signed, Illustrated, First Edition
  206. How To Find Fish and Make Them Strike by Joseph D. Bates, Jr. Outdoor Life Book
  207. How To Catch Game Fish By Jack Lamb 1990
  208. North American Fishing Club "Find Fish Anywhere, Anytime" 1991 Hard bound book
  209. Bass fishing book secrets of the bass pros north american fishing club hardcover
  210. Fishing with Ray Bergman
  211. The Complete Book of Fly Tying by Eric Leiser (1977, HARDBACK with DJ)
  212. Stoneflies by Carl Richards Doug Swisher Fred Arbona, Jr. 1st ed 1980 Very Good
  214. Flyfishing Guides Tips Tricks Three Book Lot
  215. Salt Water Game Fishing Book By Barney Rowe - Wellspring - Softcover
  216. Scott richmond - fishing in oregon's descutes river - fishing book - ex!!
  217. 100 Years of Fishing : The Ultimate Tribute to Our Fishing Tradition (1999,...
  218. Richard talleur - the versatile fly tyer - fly fishing book - ex in d.j.!!
  220. Mastering Largemouth Bass (HB, 1989) Larry Larsen - North American Fishing Club
  221. Smallmouth Strategies (HB, 1990) Dr James Henshall - North American Fishing Club
  222. Catfishing Strategies (HB, 2010) Dick Sternberg - North American Fishing Club
  223. Zane grey - an american angler in australia - mint!!
  224. Zane grey - tales of freshwater fishing - mint!!
  225. Glen wooldridge - the rogue a river to run - ex - signed 1st edition
  226. Ogden bigelow - mulberry trout - fishing book - ex!!
  227. John barsness - montana time - fly fishing book - ex in d.j.
  228. Largemouth Bass -Bassology - Lindner's Angling Edge - DVD NEW
  229. Charles jardine - the classic guide to fly fishing for trout - book - ex in d.j.
  230. Fishing book catch fish anywhere anytime north american fishing club hardcover
  231. James freeman - practical steelhead fishing - fishing book
  232. Herbert hoover - fishing for fun and to wash your soul - fishing book
  233. Bass Fishing Hunting for Trophy Bass HOW & WHERE to Catch them! Fr: BASS Library
  234. 2001 Lowe Bass Fish Boat Catalog Brochure Book Stinger Roughneck Jon
  235. 2003 Lowe Bass Fish Boat Catalog Brochure Book Stinger Roughneck Jon Striker
  236. Scott richmond - fishing in oregon's cascade lakes - fishing book - ex!!
  237. Nymph Fishing for Chalk Stream Trout & Minor Tactics of the Chalk Stream, Skues
  238. Atlantic Salmon Fishing by Charles Phair
  239. The Atlantic Salmon Fly 1st Ed. signed by Judith Dunham
  240. Mckinzie River Fly Fishing River Journal Frank Amato Hard To Find Book
  241. Land of Little Rivers by Austin McK Francis
  242. Trout fishing revised edition
  243. The Fly Casting by Tom Deck (2000, Hardcover)
  244. Of Wind and Tides by Stu Apte
  245. Leaper The Wonderful World of Atlantic Salmon Fishing
  246. Artificial Lures Dick Sternberg North American Fishing Club Book Hardcover 1998
  247. Catfishing Strategies Catfish North American Fishing Club Book Hardcover 1998
  248. Secrets Of The Bass Pros North American Fishing Club Book Hardcover 1998
  249. 1982 book - those old fishing reels - albert j. Munger
  250. "Hooked on Bass" 1990 Interactive VHS Fishing Board Game-1-6 Players-NEW-Sealed