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  1. Salt Water Fishing Tackle Book, Harlan Majors, 1st edition, 1939
  2. Simplified Course in Fly Tying Book by George Harvey 1970 PB
  3. Rare 1931 1st ed. Col. Harding's THE FLY FISHER AND THE TROUT'S POINT OF VIEW
  4. Top Techniques of the Bass Pros, Denny Brauer, Rick Clunn, Kevin VanDam
  5. Mastering Largemouth Bass - Understanding Bass - Where to Find Bass
  6. Fishing With Artificial Lures - Equipment, Soft Plastics, Jigs, Spoons, Flies
  7. Smallmouth Strategies - All About Smallmouth Bass - Finding Smallmouth, Spawning
  8. Advanced Bass Fishing Skills, Learn From the Pro's, VanDam, Clunn, Martin, Dance
  9. Book by Atkinson Trout & salmon
  10. 1931 weber fly casting instructon book: Weber lifelike fly co. Stevens point wis
  11. Falkus and Bullers Fresh Water Fishing by Fred Buuller & Hugh Falkus
  12. Vintage Mitchell Classic 300 Spinning Reel 1939-1989 Collector Reference
  13. Fishing for Boys by Tom McNally - classic 60's era fishing book
  14. Field & Stream How to Catch Bass 72 Crucial Bass Fishing Skills Book NEW
  15. The Bug Guy - Entomology for the Fly Fisher - Robert Younghanz - TWO DVD set
  16. Fishing Lures: Make Craft Plugs Spinners Spoons Jigs & Tackle - Trout, Bass Etc
  17. The BROWN TROUT FISHERMANS GUIDE by David Richey SIGNED/Inscribed + FLY
  18. Goldfish View to Profit 1883 Book fish
  19. Trout Bum Diaries Volume 1 DVD Patagonia Brand New
  20. Rise DVD - Fly Fishing DVD from the Makers of Drift New
  21. Fishing For Bass By A.D. Livingston First Edition Hardback Book
  22. FLY TYING by Helen Shaw Photos; Hermann Kessler SIGNED/Inscribed by both
  23. catfish dvd
  24. Book "A Golden Guide to Fishing" 1965
  25. Classic rods and rodmakers by Martin J. Keane 3rd printing, signed
  26. Native Trout of North America Robert Smith 1994 1st Exc
  27. Fishing Tips and Tricks, Guide Tested Tips for Catching Bigger Fish
  28. Fly fishing made easy - beginners instructional dvd by scientific anglers
  29. Vintage A Wedding Gift A Fishing Story by John Taintor Foote 1934
  30. Fishing for Catfish, The Complete Guide
  31. Temperature Rising Spring Steelhead Trout Fishing Migratory Madness DVD NEW
  32. Precision trolling big water edition the trollers bible fishing book
  33. 3 Fishing Bks--Vintage Tackle Catalogs, How to Cast Flies & Fly Fisher Reader
  34. Fresh Water Fishing Secrets Book, EUC, North American Fishing Club
  35. South Bend Vintage Wood Fishing Lures Ref Book Tackle
  36. Trout Fishing By Joe Brooks
  37. Book: "LEAPER" ISBN 1-903296-52-8
  38. Vintage Dictionary of FISHES Illustrated Book Fresh/Saltwater Fishing 1981
  39. flyfishing book Great Rivers Great Hatches by Charles Meck & Greg Hoover
  40. Hooked On Ice Fishing Paperback Book Beginner To Expert By Tom Gruenwald 1995
  41. Lefty's Kreh Fly Fishing 3 book Advanced & Modern Fly Casting Method,Little Tips
  42. Wright Price Guide for Reel Man 900 Fishing Reels
  43. Giant Pike Fishing Lures and Techniques Volumes 1 & 2 Bob Mehsikomer DVD NEW
  44. Northern Pike Fishing Lures Locations Different Conditions 2 Films 1 DVD NEW
  45. Bass Fishing Why Fish Strike Pike Bass Walleye DVD NEW
  46. Bass Fishing Deadliest Secrets Babe Winkelman Locate Finesse Topwater DVD NEW
  47. NEW Sealed In Fisherman Largemouth Bass DVD Fine-Tuning Hot Tactics
  48. NEW In-Fisherman Breakthrough Bassin & Hardbait for Bass DVD 2for1 fishing Video
  49. A Saga of Duck & Goose Hunting Walter L. Bush & Les Kouba SIGNED!!!!
  50. Walleye Fishing Giant Walleyes Live Bait Babe Winkelman DVD NEW
  51. Bass Fishing Smallmouth Wisdom Babe Winkelman DVD NEW
  52. Bass Fishing Classic Patterns for Summer Jason Quinn DVD NEW
  53. "POCKET GUIDE TO NYMPH FISHING" By Ron Cordes and Gary LaFontaine, 26 Pages
  54. NIP Tying Steelhead Jigs With Jeff Hobson DVD New Never Used
  55. Eastern Rises by FeltSoulMedia DVD fishing trout salmon video movie NEW
  56. How to Make Your Own Lures and Flies Book 1979
  57. McClane's Standard Fishing Encyclopedia International Angling Guide 1965 HB Fish
  58. Lefty's Little Library of Fly Fishing books by legendary Lefty Kreh
  59. Fishing Reels of South Bend Collector Reference Best Of Columns ORCA Reel News
  60. Rotaryhead Fishing Lures: Vintage & Modern Classics COLLECTOR REFERENCE
  61. Sportsman's Missouri Fishing Map Guide 2003 Edition Lakes Mississippi River
  62. Fireside Waterfowler David Wesley & William Leitch, HBDJ 1987 B82
  63. TACKLE AND TECHNIQUE by DAVE HUGES *signed/ inscribed*
  64. Goodwin Granger Fishing Rods Collector Reference w/ Bamboo, Wright
  66. Don't Fish under the Dingleberry Tree by Robert H. Neill (1991, Hardcover)
  67. Fred Arbogast Jitterbug Vintage Fishing Lures Collector ID Guide w Prices
  68. Fishing with Joe Bucher "Smallies on Pro Finesse" DVD
  70. 1973 Panfishing in Texas by Russell Tinsley
  71. 1973 Freshwater Fishing in Texas by Russell Tinsley
  72. The Angler's Workshop book
  73. IGFA's 101 Freshwater Fishing Tips & Tricks Bill Dance Angler Paperback
  74. FLY FISHING BASICS Fly-Fish Casting Knots Drift Boats Fisherman Fishing DVD
  75. Last Stand novel by Wayne Curtis signed paperback New Brunswick Canada new
  76. Long Ago and Far Away A Miramichi Family Memoir by Wayne Curtis NB Canada new
  77. Topwater Tactics & Tales by John Dettloff. Signed. 2004
  78. Karl White Vol. 3 Antique Fishing Tackle Flyrod Baits
  79. Karl White Antique Fishing Tackle & Lures 3 Volume Set
  80. Pre-1970 Antique Fishing Reels Tackle & Lures $ID Guide
  81. Favorite Fly Fishing Knots - DVD - New
  82. Folk Art Fish Decoy Book Spear Jigging Boxes
  83. FILLETING SALTWATER 1 Instructional Fish Fillet Capt Vince Russo Fishing DVD NEW
  84. FILLETING SALTWATER 2 Instructional Fish Fillet Capt Vince Russo Fishing DVD NEW
  86. Rapala Pro Bass Tactics DVD, Volume 2
  87. Fly Fishing Boston Book
  88. Orvis Fly Fishing Guide
  89. The Trout and the Fly By Brian Clark John Goddard Fishing HC Book First Edition
  90. ~In Fisherman(4) Video Set~Fishing Fish Angling Bait catfish trout bass
  91. ~Inside Sportsfishing (4) Video Set~Fishing Fish Angling Bait Tuna Marlin Dorado
  92. Precision trolling 8th edition the trollers bible fishing book
  93. (3) Rapala Pro Bass Tactics Fishing DVD Volume 1,2, and 3 Set
  94. The Fly-Fishingest Gentlemen by Keith C. Russell, signed, 1986
  95. Flyfishing Strategy and Selective Trout book
  96. Smallmouth Bass Fishing DVD
  97. The chronological history of penn reels--1932 to 1957--author signed softcover
  98. The Complete Book of Tackle Making C. Boyd Pfeiffer Paperback ISBN 1-55821-721-5
  99. ~8 Pre-Owned Fishing & Fishing Cook Books~North American Fishing Club~Don Oster~
  100. Fishing Library CLEANING and COOKING FISH * Large Color 1982 HC Instruction Book
  101. FLY PATTERNS OF YELLOWSTONE 2 Book Mathews Fly Fishing Fish Flies 1st Signed New
  102. FLY FISHERMAN'S PRIMER Fly Fishing Book Manual Rod Reel Vest Waders Creel Flies.
  103. The Young Sportsman's Guide to Fly Fishing, Bob Zwirz & M. Marshall, Beaverkill
  104. Angler's Book Supply Fly Fishing The California Delta
  105. Geofish Vol. 1 Mexico & Belize Fly Fishing DVD
  106. Spey to Z Fly Fishing DVD
  107. Lefty Kreh on Fly Casting Fly Fishing DVD
  108. Even Brook Trout Get The Blues Fly Fishing Book
  109. Angler's Book Supply Jeff Putnam's Switch Rod Casting Techniques DVD
  110. Which Fly Do I Use? Fly Fishing Book
  111. The Colt Engraving Book 2 Volume Ltd Edition 1328 of 3000 by RL Wilson Very Good
  112. Vintage Complete Fly Tying Instruction Book 350 Illustrations Fishing 1941
  113. A Fly Fisher's Life The Art and Mechanics of Fly Fishing Charles Ritz 1972
  114. Fly Tying How to Get Started Eric Leiser signed c1978 Vintage new beginners book
  115. The Revised Edition Fresh-Water Fisherman's Bible
  116. Fly Fishing Book By: Stephen Windsor
  117. Trout Fishermen's Digest
  118. Zane Grey Outdoorsman Signed By Both Arthur T. Frey & George Reiger
  119. The MUSKIE HOOK by Peter Z Cohen Musky Book 1969
  120. "FISHING BOOK SET" North American Fishing Club / Instructional Book Set Of 9
  121. GIANT PIKE Fishing Volumes 1 & 2 Bob Mehsikomer Alaska Canada Northern DVD NEW
  122. Vintage Fishing Reel ID$$ Book Conroy Milam Mills Meek
  123. Mastering Largemouth Bass (HB, 1989) Larry Larsen - North American Fishing Club
  124. Basic Fishing Lure Carving Painting book How-to Guide
  125. used lure book/fishing
  126. A Compendium of Canadian Fly Patterns (Hardcover)
  127. 5 VINTAGE FLY-FISHING BOOKS - (2 hard cover & 3 soft covers )
  128. Jack Dennis Western Trout Fly Tying Manual Revised Edition 258 Pages
  129. BASS Ultimate Bass Fishing Library - Top Techniques of the Bass Pros
  130. BASS Ultimate Bass Fishing Library - Advanced Bass Fishing Skills
  131. Ultimate Bass Fishing Library - Bass Use the Secrets of the Pros to Catch More
  132. Ultimate Bass Fishing Library - THE SERIES A Photographic Look at the Inaugural
  133. BASS Ultimate Bass Fishing Library - Guide to Soft Plastic Lures
  134. The Wild Fish Cookbook - Ultimate Bass Fishing Library
  135. BASS Bassmaster Fish On A First Name Basis Cook Book Oysters Salmon Catfish Cod
  136. BASS Bassmaster Freshwater Fish Cookbook 200 Ways Cook Your Catch Book
  137. Smallmouth Bass - Ultimate Bass Fishing Library - SPECIAL EDITION 2005
  138. Guide to Worms and Lizards - Ultimate Bass Fishing Library - 2004
  139. Angler's Bible 1977, The World's Standard Fishing Reference Book
  140. A Remedy for Dissapearing Game Fish Herbet Hoover 1930
  141. Lefty Kreh On Fly Casting DVD Art of Fly Casting Aids Exercises
  142. The Wise Fishermen's Encyclopedia 1954 A.J. McLane, Wise & Co.
  143. Pre-1970 Fishing Tackle Vol 1Plugs Vintage Lures Heddon
  144. Bass Fishing Book Lot of 5 Largemouth Tournaments Pro Tactics Boats Romanack
  145. the benchside introduction to fly tying by ted leeson and jim schollmeyer
  146. The Masters on the Nymph Migel & Wright 1st Ed. Excel
  147. 1946 *FIRST* A Full Creel by Henry Marion Hall [FISHING]
  149. The Wit & Wisdom of Fishing Book
  150. "rare" fish decoys of the lac du flambeau ojibwa by art and brad kimball
  151. Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass, Harry Miller
  152. Captain Pete Barrett Fishing for Tuna, Fishing for Sharks, 2 books
  153. 1924 *FIRST* Sunshine and the Dry Fly
  154. Brackett Outdoors Bow Fishing DVD Video / Extreme Aerial Bowfishing NEW
  155. The Mechanics of Fishing Made Easy, "Trolling"
  156. The Mechanics of Fishing Made Easy, "Casting"
  157. The Breakthrough Fish Taxidermy Manual- full instructional book
  158. The Evolution Of Trout & Trout Fishing in America Southard1928 1st Ed H/C Illus.
  160. Gray's Sporting Journal 1976 Summer Trophy Fishing Vol. 1 Black Marlin
  161. Vtg fly fishing/trout fishing book "trout fishermen's digest" by david richey
  162. Basic Fly Tying Book
  163. Wasco Largemouth Bass taxidermy DVD- instructional video
  164. Old Fishing Lures and Tackle book
  165. Lot of Trout-centric Fishing Books
  166. 2003 Art of Angling Journal Vol 2, Issue 1 no damage or rips
  167. Lot of 8 Ultimate Bass Fishing Library - Trophy Bass Fishing Skills - FOLLOT
  168. 1942 Fresh-Water Bass & 1944 Trout by Ray Bergman by Knopf & Penn Publishing
  169. Complete Book Of Fly Fishing By Joe Brooks 1958
  170. Killer stuff and tons of money selling on amazon flea market america 3 good book
  171. Happy Happy Happy Phil Robertson Duck Commander
  172. Float-Tubes Fly Rods & Other Essays by Marv Taylor - Fly fishing - Signed HB '79
  173. Russian Book Inflatable Boat Rubber Elastic Fishing Travel Tourist Project USSR
  174. SIGNED Great Rivers Great Hatches by Charles Meck and Greg Hoover Harcover Book
  175. Good Fishing in the Catskills by Jim Capossela Paperback Book
  176. Billy Westmorland Largemouths and Tournaments book signed
  177. Tony Bean's Smallmouth Guide signed book
  178. Bass Flies by Dick Stewart
  179. Dressing flies for fresh and salt water basic steps to advanced jorgensen
  180. How to Fly Fish Series: Rigging for Saltwater Fly Fishing with D L Goddard, DVD
  181. Secrets of the Bass Pros by North American Fishing Club (1998, Hardcover)
  182. 1965 *Illustrated* Complete Book of Freshwater Fishing HCDJ
  183. 1910 *FIRST* Fishing Kits & Equipment by Samuel G Camp
  184. 1933 Science of Fishing: Most Practical Book of Fishing Published by Lake Brooks
  185. 1994 *FIRST PRINTING/NEAR MINT* The Little Book of Fishing An Anthology
  186. Trout Flies Natural and Imitation
  187. The Ways of Trout by Leonard M. Jr. Wright fishing (1985, Paperback) fish Book
  188. 1912 *FIRST* Practical Dry Fly Fishing
  189. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Fly Fishing by Michael D. Shook (1999, E-book)
  190. fly fishing For The Clueless
  191. Fly Fishing For The Complete Idiot
  192. 1997-98 North American Fishing Club 8 Volume Set-hardcover & collectors series
  193. Old Fishing Lures Encyclopedia Vol 6 Collector Ref 1875-Up w/ Patents, History
  194. Tony Bean's Smallmouth Guide book
  195. Vtg 1971 SPORTSMAN GUIDE TO GAME FISH Book for hunting lake lodge cabin decor
  196. "BAIT, RIGS & TACKLE" for freshwater/saltwater-Sportsman's Best BOOK & DVD (NEW)
  197. One Night with The King The Call Of Destiny - A Dark Prince Rises book TBN Ed.
  198. Inshore Salt Water Fishing by Saltwater Sportsman Magazine, Hardcover 144 pages
  199. Fishing Tackle and Techniques by Dick Wolff Vintage 1963 Paperback Booklet
  200. Kevin VanDam's Bass Strategies book
  201. fly fishing Boston
  202. LARGEMOUTH BASS - Where To Find Bass - How To Catch Bass - Equipment
  203. Lee Wulff Salmon on a Fly Lifetime of Salmon Fishing Book Edited by John Merwin
  204. Flyrodding Florida Salt Signed Captain John Kumiski How Where to Catch Fish Bo
  205. Advanced BASS FISHING - Football Jigs, Soft Stickbaits, Topwater, Spinnerbaiting
  206. American Trout Fishing by Theodore Gordon. Alfred A. Knopf. 1966. 1st Borzoi Ed.
  207. 1966 FIRST EDITION Hardcover Streamer Fly Tying & Fishing Joseph Bates Jr.
  208. the fishing dvd number 25 Sydney Beaches trailer boat travel Snowies featured
  209. the fishing dvd number 20 Estuary Tides Extreme Marlin Surface Barra featured
  210. Artificial Lures - Topwater, Spinners, Soft Plastics, Jigging, Spoons, Flies
  211. Walleye Tactics, Tips & Tales - Understanding Walleyes, Jigging And Rigging
  212. TROUT - An Angler's Guide - Rainbow, Brook, Brown, Steelhead, Cutthroat
  213. The Art of Freshwater Fishing - The Gamefish - Fishing Basics
  214. the fishing dvd number 21 shore based Flathead Longtails on fly featured
  215. the fishing dvd number 24 Bass jacks and Barra plastics kangaroo isle featured
  216. the fishing dvd number 26 GTS on Poppers cast netting canoeing featured
  218. Book - Rare and Unusual Fly Tying Materials : A Natural History Vol. 2
  219. "CLASSIC & ANTIQUE FLY FISHING TACKLE" - Book by A. J. Campbell - 358 Pages.
  220. 1945 Fresh-Water BASS By Ray Bergman Pub Alfred Knopf 3C
  221. Kentucky Fishing Map Guide - Sportsman's Connection
  222. Lefty Kreh on Fly Casting (DVD) Fly Fishing
  223. Fireside Waterfowler David Wesley & William Leitch VG
  224. Flies That Catch Fish - Volume ONE and TWO by Bob Wyatt 3 Hour Fly Tying DVD SET
  225. Fly Fishing By Stephen Windsor Hardcover Book .
  226. This Wonderful World of Trout Charles K Fox #2013 Ltd.
  227. Old Fishing Lures Encyclopedia Vol 11 Collector Ref 1875-Up w/ Patents, History
  228. The dry fly : New angles by gary lafontaine ~fly fishing ~illustrated ~
  229. VG McClane's New Standard Fishing Encyclopedia & International Angling Guide '74
  230. BASS Ultimate Bass Fishing Library - Guide to Topwater Fishing
  231. Russian Book Life Catching Freshwater Fish Fishing Sabaneev Fly Rod Fisherman Ol
  232. The Year of the Trout by Steve Raymond, HB
  233. RARE Bassmaster Elite Series 2013 Tour Guide & Rule Book - Color 23 pages
  234. Russion book fishing "Life and catching freshwater fish" Sabaneev Reprint 1911
  235. Creative Fly Tying by Mike Mercer Hardcover, Limited Edition, (SIGNED 181 /250 )
  236. Smoky Mountains Trout Fishing. Guide
  237. fisherman's winter by Roderick Haig-Brown 1954
  238. Ultimate Bass Fishing Library - Bassmaster Catching Panfish Elite Angler
  239. Ultimate Bass Fishing Library - Fishing Tips and Tricks ELITE ANGLER EDITION
  240. George Poveromo's Bottom Fishing Tactics Salt water Sports Penn Reel DVD Video
  241. Bassmaster University DVD - Winning Ways 2009: Part 1
  242. Bassmaster University DVD - Successful Presentation Techniques
  243. Vintage INTRODUCTION TO FRESH WATER FISHING + Orvis Treasury of Fishing Secrets
  244. Lindner Crappie Fishing Crappies on the Move Spring Summer Fall Winter DVD NEW
  245. Bassmaster University DVD - Sight Fishing
  246. Bassmaster How-To-Book JACKPOT BASSING 2 - 160 pages 1995
  247. The American Sportsman Treasury 1971
  248. lot of 2 the year of the angler & trout steve raymond paperback
  249. The Complete Book of Fishing: A guide to Freshwater, Saltwater, and Big-Game
  250. Understanding & Fishing the Bamboo Fly Rod (Primer)