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  1. Free Kindle - Tales of Fishes by Zane Grey
  2. Hardy Video: I'm trying not to be OCD here.
  3. This Veterans Day
  4. Potential World Record Muskie, Mille Lacs Mn
  5. Happy birthday USMC!
  6. Orvis depth charge sinking line
  7. I need carp!
  8. Line Recommendation/ Scott G2 8'4" 4wt?
  9. It has been a difficult October and I am my own worst enemy
  10. Bidding on the big auction site
  11. Barracuda flys? Patterns?
  12. New Trout Artwork
  13. Airflo Kelly Galloup streamer max LONG?
  14. Super Fast Action Fly Rod
  15. Rent Fly Lines???
  16. OK gotta vent!
  17. Great News for us in Utah.
  18. Free Kindle for you Golfers and Fishermen
  19. Patagonia
  20. Info on rod builders/wrappers in the Bloomington, IN area
  21. The End Of An Era...
  22. 7 ' 4 wt bamboo or graphite?
  23. Great deal on fly tyer magazine
  24. About to start tying my own flies - what do I need?
  25. It Glows! Fluro thread.
  26. Royals Win!!! Royals Win!!! Royals Win!!!
  27. Fish pumpkins
  28. Attacked by a king salmon
  29. A good read on small stream fishing.
  30. Happy Halloween
  31. Denver Colorado Fly Fishers.
  32. A bit of retrospection
  33. Odd things happening on the board?
  34. Interest to be 'old and look back' at business that started in my small part of the
  35. did a cast and blast today-- big grass carp
  36. Parachuting beavers!
  37. Hardy proaxis report
  38. Hunting.......
  39. Feels good to be back :)
  40. Stealing time - a fishing report
  41. I think I'm back now....
  42. Show me your colors....
  43. Anyone use a fly rod to throw rubber worms?
  44. Video GAME WARDEN from 1955
  45. A Pretty Good Day;
  46. Back from a haitus .....
  47. Sold Everything!!
  48. Trip Report Provo, Weber and Green (Fontenelle)
  49. Montana Fly Fishing Magazine--Fall Issue
  50. Possibly the new state record Small mouth in Michigan
  51. "Crocodile Pliers"
  52. Wondering About a Reasonable 3wt
  53. Do fish bite in the winter time when...
  54. NY Fly fishing rule question?
  55. Planning a trip out West ?
  56. Winston LT question
  57. What took me so long???
  58. Do you take any special precautions when fishing during hunting season?
  59. Cleaning a tablet screen?
  60. Simms sale
  61. Fishing report
  62. question for those that fly to go fishing
  63. Small Fly Fishing Companies
  64. What's your smallest catch
  65. 4wt ideas
  66. Long shot, looking for couple we met in Alaska in September
  67. The Crackleback fly
  68. I am thinking of donating some fly fishing gear for a benefit. Please help
  69. Loomis Streamdance GLX 6wt
  70. Another great hero shot.
  71. I think know what my next truck is gonna be
  72. A sad day
  73. Has Any One Else...
  74. Heritage Trout Challenge
  75. Like a Kid on Christmas Eve Night
  76. Cubbies win 4-0!!!!
  77. russian fishing funun
  78. Cabela's Rod Warranty Update
  79. Lake Michigan Salmon
  80. Of Fly rods and rod tubes
  81. Dodging A Bullet & Dealing With Trolls...
  82. Vote for the Winners!
  83. The strike out
  84. Trip out west recomendations
  85. Fly Fishing is a Joke
  86. need some advise fellas
  87. Central America Fishing Opportunities
  88. Fly fishing for Carp in the US?????
  89. Sage z-axis question
  90. Is It Football Season or Foul Weather?
  91. Wading Boot Alternative
  92. FINALLY! A new drift boat design with the physically handicap in mind.
  93. who sells most rods and reels?
  94. Today Only - Two good free Kindle Fly Fishing Books
  95. Knee replacement
  96. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  97. Justin - Allen Fly Fishing
  98. Scratch one off the bucket list!
  99. Fitover.sunglasses
  100. Two Great Job Openings in Orvis Rod & Tackle!
  101. Caught My First Bull Trout...but thats it?
  102. Great Lakes Salmon..........
  103. Need International symbols/signs for C&R, barbless, baitless
  104. Tomorrow night! "the eclipse begins shortly after 9 p.m. EDT on Sunday.
  105. wtb Hardy Bougle
  106. nymphing leaders
  107. 'Some one turned off the night light.'
  108. Helped a buddy catch his first fish on a fly
  109. JEB Hall Books?
  110. The costs of no-fault rod warranties
  111. -#(?!#?!! Salmon
  112. Leaders and Tippet Great Lake tribs?
  113. Welcome to scenic Nevada
  114. It Broke My Heart
  115. Fly Rod Case
  116. Here's a new one ?
  117. Outstanding Trip
  118. To Blaze or Blunder?...A Tale of TP
  119. It's Interesting...
  120. Second Chance Free Stillwater Fly Fishing For Trout
  121. woke up this morning @
  122. In Luv With a Redneck Woman, Predator Review.
  123. is fly fishing for me?
  124. New Product from Cutthroat Leaders
  125. Broken hook, roughed up tippet...
  126. Why no Demo lines at fly shops?
  127. Genius or Dumb?
  128. King of ebay! Reddington preadator for $99!
  129. Allen Reel Promo Code! Sale!
  130. Plane crash, not good news.
  131. Black canyon of the gunnison trip frustration
  132. Bait on a Fly Rod?
  133. My new fishin' rig!
  134. Stupid Dog got out the front door at one AM.
  135. "Fleetwood Mac" on TV!!!!!!!
  136. Can Anyone I.D. This Baitfish?
  137. Back home and back online
  138. pre-dawn music and your rods rigged.. a touch of light.
  139. Thoughts on st croix imperial 7wt as a streamer rod
  140. Fly fishing guide school
  141. Question for Sage SP fans
  142. Even while traveling to the fishing hole of my life
  143. A Few Salmon Pictures;
  144. Fishing Cameras
  145. be careful what you wish for
  146. Hip pack and net?
  147. Time For A Thread From Ard...........
  148. 50% off Fly Tying books from J Stockard
  149. Weber Trip Report
  150. Flyfish London
  151. Problem with website
  152. Need help picking a 7 weight.
  153. need a little help with a place to stay in Gatlinberg TN
  154. Do fish eat stink bugs?
  155. Anyone else have a Walter?
  156. New way to get to that favorite fishing hole...
  157. Bass Tourneys
  158. Musings and lessons learned yesterday
  159. Little Fish and Big Fish
  160. Free Kindle books for today
  161. Fly box art-Esox lucius
  162. Labor Day Weekend, Stuck in the House!
  163. Courtesy and Decent Manners
  164. Bobber-cam sends live pictures to your smart phone
  165. Fish talk
  166. World Fly Fishing Tournament
  167. Which leader to use?
  168. Long look back to St.Boniface,Mantitoba, Canada and Ocean Falls, BC.
  169. Sitting up, thinking, long look back. A song.
  170. Good Day To Be On The River!
  171. Old School Watermasters...
  172. Cheap Saltwater hooks, source?
  173. Promo Packet for Jerry aka Hairwing530
  174. Jersey Shore Future Fly Fisher
  175. If You Haven't Done It, Take 30 Seconds...
  176. Sale on Hydros reels
  177. Lost tackle/fly bag on Dream stream
  178. Why So Many Pop Up Ads??? (Nothing to do with Fishing)
  179. Stronger Tippets on the Horizon
  180. Wings of an Eagle. ASSUME VIDEO.
  181. information overload
  182. If you are 'old' you will remember his voice.
  183. May have lost a book tonight
  184. Put down my cell phone and can't find it.
  185. Free Kindle Camping 101!: A Beginners Guide
  186. NEW Dave Hughes Wet Flies Book 2015
  187. Win an Orvis Recon Fly Rod!!!!
  188. Stabilicers when wading, use them?
  189. Flies that make you go hummmm
  190. Just 12 more days
  191. leader / tippet question
  192. Great Morning on the river...
  193. Fish Art
  194. When am I going to grow up?
  195. Somebody tell me something good...
  196. Line Weight vs Rod Weight
  197. Time for a trip to Canada? Exchange Rate.
  198. Friends of Troy Fundraiser
  199. Good News for the Animas
  200. Morning with the 3wt
  201. Today's Free Kindle Book--Actually it is $9.99, only free if you are a Prime Member!
  202. Dealing with land owners
  203. Video--Getting a Hall Pass!!!!!
  204. We are all brothers!
  205. Radian loose sections. Help.
  206. Fish ID help
  207. You guys are great! but those Iowa boys are the best!
  208. "Deliverance", without the sex
  209. Not related with flyfishing....but thanks a lot guys
  210. Summer Doldrums, Fires Everywhere. Chill!
  211. Catching Some;
  212. starting over
  213. Back brace
  214. Trip west
  215. In case you were wondering...
  216. Want to fly fish Pike Canada Suggestions?
  217. Steelhead: Scott G or A4?
  218. what wt rod for Kings in great lake tribs?
  219. Another dumb thing
  220. Kinds of trout
  221. Fly box profiles.....
  222. Pawn Shop/Ebay Tubeless Rod Listing
  223. 7 million acres now on fire.
  224. Some new hunting and fishing access--maybe your state, too.
  225. Who has the strongest fly rod? Sage, Winston, Hardy?
  226. Do you fear casting repaired rods?
  227. New marketing ploy from Korkers
  228. My first brookie
  229. Cabelas Three Forks Six Weight???
  230. Fly shop robbed
  231. Forest fires just keep going.
  232. Parts for Daiwa SF 706 Fly Reel?
  233. Required to fence or post private property?
  234. Too old now to be on a fire line.
  235. Beginner here - Advice welcome
  236. Turn on the TV and 'Big Time RV' is playing on some channel.
  237. Two Free Kindle Books for Today
  238. Do I have a 'Mouse in the House???'
  239. fishing spots in Louiville
  240. WOW Hardy Zenith
  241. There Baacckk.
  242. Keepemwet.com
  243. Floss Streamers?
  244. Question from a beginner
  245. 3 busted rod tips while casting
  246. Heber Valley Fly Fishing Festival
  247. #10 Sculpzilla?
  248. Took my son fly fishing for the first time
  249. Fishing for Steelhead parr
  250. Help finding good fishing near Wells Maine